Thursday, September 5, 2013

BC Scandal Top 10- Brought to You by @BurntBoats

Editor's Note-Over the past two weeks, the twitter account @BurntBoats has been counting down the top 10 Boston College athletic scandals of all time and we would not be fulfilling our duties to all BU fans if we didn't post it for all to see. Feel free to leave comments as we have been getting some real gems from BC trolls lately. BC sucks!

                                                         -Photo Credit to flickr magsmab

10. Andrew Bryant charged with assault for entering a bar(he was 18) and starting a brawl. He was not punished in any form by BC #WeAreBC

9. Jermaine Watson assaults girl at a BC party, jumps out the window to avoid getting beaten by her friend #WeAreBC #ThankYouFlynnFund

8. SUV with Wey,Samuelsson, Milner and open container of alcohol(rubinoff to be exact) collides with the T(green line). Players flee the scene before the police arrive #WeAreBC

7. Bryant(1st repeat on the list) and Ryan Sidney got in a gun fight with Bryant's drug dealer, convicted felon Adamu Tallen #WeAreBC

6. Akida McLain caught printing and using counterfeit money. Yes,seriously. #ThankYouFlynnFund #WeAreBC

5. Jon Schmidt charged with speeding, drunk driving, refusal to stop for police; Brian Flores also in car and drunk. Neither was suspended #WeAreBC

4.  Jeff Gomulinski found guilty of assault for kidnapping, pinning down, and choking female BC student from 3-6 am #WeAreBC #BeADude

3. Mike Millbury was hired as BC's head hockey coach after the '94 season; just two months later- before coaching his first game- he was fired for violating NCAA rules by handing out substantially more than the 18 scholarships allowed. BC never came clean about this incident, instead tried to sweep it under the rug by paying Millbury in exchange for him agreeing to never discuss the reasons for his firing.

2. After BC coach Dan Henning became suspicious his team was throwing games, 25-30 BC players admitted to illegally placing bets worth thousands of dollars on college football games, including bets against their own team. Their bookie was Michael Sheerin, a BC athlete who had over 500 BC clients.

1B.  After the first game of the 2007 IceBreaker, Brett Motherwell and Brian O'Hanley brought cocaine and prostitutes to their hotel room and were caught by the coaching staff; the embarrassed administration tried to cover this up to prevent further humiliation for the school.  Instead of immediately kicking them off the team, which would have brought attention to the situation,  Jerry York decided to suspend them indefinitely for "violating curfew" and never reinstate them. This cover up went all the way to the top as York and Father Leahy sat the rest of the team down upon returning to campus and threatened them that if they didn't assist in the cover-up, they would be dismissed from the team as well and likely lose their scholarships. BC's partnership with the Red Sox who in turn had a partnership with the Globe allowed them to coerce reporters into never investigating the incident, keeping the reasons for the dismissals away from the public.

1A.  BC basketball worked with the mafia to point shave and throw games, allowing the mafia to profit off of their bets; and then give BC players a cut. The BC players were sentenced to as many as 10 years in prison for their actions, in what is widely regarded to as the highest profile scandal in the history of collegiate sports.

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  1. Rick Kuhn got 30 MONTHS. You're making up some of this shit.