Thursday, September 5, 2013

MWWs 2013 NFL Pick 'Em: Week 1

Welcome back to another edition of the MWWs NFL Pick 'Em. Some of the older readers know how I pick the games but for the new readers I select games to pick based on multiple factors. The factors being quarterback matchups, standings, playoff reasons. I always pick Jets, Pats, Giants games. I pick games straight up winner/loser. I don't do the O/U or parlay bets or even prop bets. (If you want that tweet at the blog's twitter account and ask QuackQuack. Pretty sure he has multiple parlays going this weekend). So let's roll onto the picks.

Jets vs. Bucs- taking the Bucs cause I want the Jets to suck this year so we can get Clowney (but as some NY fans know, the Jets will somehow win the last 3 games to lose that 1st pick anyway). Revis will have a pick 6 and will have 3 INTs. Bucs 28- Jets 13

Pats vs. Bills- I like this matchup for the Bills based on Mario Williams. Time and time again Tom Brady cannot deal with pressure and I think pressure results in a bad game for Brady yet I think the Pats run the ball often and effectively to win the game. Pats 27- Bills 14

Giants vs. Cowboys- I hate the Cowboys. I think they suck. I like the Giants. I think they are playoff bound this year. So Giants win cause I said so. GMen 35- Cowboys 27

Ravens vs. Broncos- Taking the Broncos cause I have Manning as quarterback in fantasy football also the fact I think the lose of clubhouse guys (Lewis, Reed) hurt the defense and won't be able to handle Peyton and the Broncos offense. Broncos 24- Ravens 17

Atlanta vs. NOLA- Brees missed Sean Payton. Payton missed Drew. Brees is happy and so am I. Also, Matt Ryan sucks gigantic hairy testicles, gets priest to touch him and is a BC alumni but really that doesn't matter all that much #Lies NOLA 42- ATL 35

San Fran vs Green Bay- This matchup might be Sundays best game. I like Green Bay as of right now. I think Rodgers will connect on a lot of quick routes to get the ball out of his hand to avoid the SF front seven.  GB will learn from last years game to figure out the SF offense. GB 27- SF 20  

As always aim for perfection.

PS- #IsItOctoberYet 

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