Saturday, September 21, 2013

MWWs 2013 NFL Pick 'Em: Week 3

So I was average last week (3-3) in the pick 'em.  This week is a mix bag of games with no premier games yet a few intriguing games. I think the best thing about these games is the spread between Jacksonville and Seattle, -19.5. Leggo!

QQ Approves Of This

This Wouldn't Happen If We Paid Wes 
Patriots vs. Tampa: whoever score over 20 will win this game. Tampa is, supposedly, in turmoil. I like the Pats here just because if the Jets can beat the Bucs of course the Pats can. Pats 20 - Bucs 13

Houston vs. Baltimore: Houston are 2 points favorites and I am going with Vegas this week/ I don't believe in the Ravens defense. I think Houston has too many weapons and will complicate how the Ravens will play defense. Texans 27 - Ravens 17

Giants vs. Carolina: this has to be the week the Giants wake up, right? Carolina seem prime for the picking and Coughlin & Co. will wise up. Yet I will pick against them since I am liking Cam Newton to have a huge game. Panthers 42- Giants 41
Superman That...
Jets vs. Buffalo: Screw all reasoning and intelligence. Geno will light the lamp with 3 goals touchdown passes and lead the Pens Jets offense. Jets 28 - Bills 10

Seattle vs. Jacksonville: Padding the W column right now. I'll admit it. Seattle 35- Jags 12

As Always Aim For Perfection.

PS- Video of the Week

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