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BU Freshman Preview- Part 3 Defensemen

This is part 3 of my 3 part freshmen preview(Part 1-Collier, Baillargeon, Duane & Part 2-Roberto,Lawrence,Kelley)). This post will break down the 3 freshmen joining the defensive corps this season along with a transfer who will be eligible to play in games next season.
Somerby(right) with current Terrier teammate Matt Grzelcyk
photo credit to website name )

7. Doyle Somerby,D, 6'5",223- Marblehead,MA #27 (Kimball Union- 3-18-21, 29 GP)

 From all the scouting reports on Somerby, the first thing you notice is his size and rightfully so. Somerby is the biggest defenseman to come into BU since Eric Gryba(maybe a tie with Macgregor). Well he will be until Carrabino(see below) is eligiible to play in games. Somerby came into his high school years as a forward but transitioned to defense during his freshman season at St. Mary's in Lynn and his 3 years at KUA. Somerby was drafted in the 5th round of the 2012 draft. From everything you read, Somerby's biggest challenge will be to improve his skating to compete with smaller, quicker forwards at the NCAA level. Somerby will be a physical force right away for sure with his size and I expect him to learn how to use that size to his advantage rather quickly("Doyle smash!" might become a thing-just a warning).  I would expect 10-15 points from Somerby this year but expect him to contribute on defense right away. He has the size and strength to change games from the very beginning and I would expect him to do just that. The over/under on panes of glass broken from his hits this year is 2.5.

From Espn Boston " Somerby's development has been helped by playing against some of New England's top forwards at KUA, including Nick Roberto (Maine commit) and Niko Rufo (Providence College). 

"Being at KUA, we have a bunch of small forwards who buzz around down low in the zone, like Roberto and Rufo," Somerby said. "It's built confidence in me being able to skate against those guys every day in practice." "

In the end, what is going to dictate how successful Somerby's freshman season is his ability to use his size and physical play to impact the game without taking too many penalties. There will be no number to truly measure how good of a game he played unless he contribute offensively as well but he has the ability to work together with his 5 fellow dmen on a given night and be a big part of shutting down the opposing team.

8. Dalton MacAfee,D, 6'0", 190- Needham, MA #23 (St. Sebastian's 6-37-43, 82 gp career)
MacAfee becomes the third St.Sebs alum to join the BU roster for this upcoming season(O'Regan and Tommy Kelley). He is another puck moving defenseman expected to play and see ice time right away. As you see from his stat line, he is more of a passer than a goal scorer. He should see regular minutes this year as USHR described him as a "highly mobile puck-moving defenseman who is also very good in his own end"

It is interesting to note that he originally committed to Notre Dame for lacrosse before deciding to focus on hockey and to come to BU. I would expect 15 points or so from MacAfee this season, most likely they will come on assists this coming season. This another freshman defenseman who will need time to develop but should be able to contribute from the beginning as he develops and adjusts to the college game.

Learn more about Dalton below in his famous interview with BU Today about life as an incoming freshman.

9. TJ Ryan,D, 6'0",185-West Newton, MA #3 (South Shore Kings 2-6-8-2012-2013 season)
-Ryan is a recruited walk-on and son of current radio broadcaster Tom Ryan who played for the Terriers
and was co-captain with head coach David Quinn in 1987-88. Ryan has spent the last few seasons with the South Shore Kings of the EJHL and has shown the ability to play forward and defense. He spent last season as a defenseman and seems to be coming to BU to develop as one.

Ryan received high praise from his head coach in the EJHL. Coach Scott Harlow said that Ryan is a " steady,smart, and fast-learning defenseman who has done nothing but over achieve everywhere that he has been. TJ Ryan will end up playing a major role on the BU hockey team before he receives his can bet on that"(Quote originally posted on the Terrier Hockey Blog)

10. JD Carrabino(Transfer), D, 6'6", 230- New Canaan,CT #25  (Clarkson0-1-1, 3 gp)
-Carrabino is very large man who will sit out this season per NCAA transfer rules. He is a great guy for Quinn to work to develop. He only played in 3 games over two years as Clarkson and they were as a forward so it will be interesting to see how the coaching staff can develop him over this year and see if he develops enough to contribute to the team next season when he is eligible to play in games.

Carrabino smash might become a thing too next year.  The second video below is Carrabino just kicking the crap out of Dan Kolomatis(current Merrimack defenseman). I'm already a fan. The Carrabino fight is from the :15 second mark on to about :30 or so.

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