Thursday, September 12, 2013

MWWs 2013 NFL Pick 'Em: Week 2

Mediocre week for me last week but Week 1 is always the hardest games to predict (ie- Jets, Giants, etc.) I am posting today since Jets and Pats both play on Thursday (today). Each week will vary depending on the Thursday game for that weeks post.

Jets vs. Pats- Lowest scoring game of the year? Nah, close to it? Yes. With the numerous offensive players the Pats have hurt and the inability of the Jets to move into the red zone and score TDs make this game look horrible to watch right off the bat. But it is Pats vs Jets so I think there might be a butt fumble or two to look forward ... Oh nevermind Sanchez is hurt and done for the season. I don't like Ridley against the Jets run defense and I like the Jets... well they have no playmakers so who cares. Jets 14-Pats13

Minnesota vs. Chicago- Liking Da Bears offense this year. Seems like a few more games into the season and they will be lethal in the red zone. Not overly confident on the defense. But AP will get his legs moving more often and gets the ball over 25 times and play action over the middle. Vikings 28-Bears 27

Washington vs. Green Bay- As soon as Washington's defense got off the field Monday night, they all went for oxygen masks. I think Green Bay saw that in film this week and will go for the dagger and drop the Redskins to 0-2. Packers 35- Redskins 28

Jacksonville vs. Oakland- Mark it down in the books! The WORST game of the year. Sure, Oakland can score with Pryor and Jacksonville can... watch. Okay I am done and am taking the sure bet. Oakland 54- Jacksonville 2

Denver vs. Giants- Every Patriots fan worst day of the regular season. Manning vs Manning. Eli(te) vs Peyton. Super Bowl winning Brothers. Each besting Tom Brady in the playoffs. If the Giants hold the ball, this game will be a lot closer. Giants had 3 WRs with over 100 yards. I think Eli wins this round. Look for a lot a pressure on Peyton and the Giants secondary looking a tad better than it did last year.  Giants 42- Denver 34

San Francisco vs. Seattle- some analyst say this should be the Super Bowl. Well, they are wrong since they both belong in the same division and conference and cannot match up in the NY. Dumb analyst. I dislike both teams. The pick is Seattle for no reason at all. Seattle 27 - San Francisco 21

As Always Aim For Perfection

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