Friday, October 18, 2013

Be(er) Merry

The most important drink in the world is beer. Disagree? The opinion you formulated doesn't matter. I decided to impart on to you some of favorite beers as of right now. I am certainly no beer connoisseur or try to be one but I enjoy drinking beer. Plain and simple. With the hockey season getting into full swing and the chances of pre-/post- game parties happening, I want to get the information out there before you decide between a PBR, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime (barf city), and Mexican piss beer called Corona.

Sam Adams Boston Brick Red: Some of you might not know the Boston Brick Red is only sold in the greater Boston area and in kegs. Bummer. I find that it has a nice body to it but also is light enough so you don't feel full. I always ordered it in the biggest size a bar has and I casually drink it. There is no need pound it back like a Busch Light or a Bud Light. Also, it is goes very well with bar food (burgers, fries, etc) but not savory enough to go with fine dining. Highly suggest it especially for the students that will probably never visit Boston again (West Coast ppl).

Newcastle Brown Ale: The first beer I ever tasted and it holds the number two spot. This is my go to beer. I've been known to polish off a fair amount of this back in the day. To an intoxicated person, the aftertaste is like maple syrup and I've been told it should be a dipping sauce for waffles. It has a very nice sweet but savory taste to it. I can be consumed like a lesser beer (Coors, Busch etc.) but also can be sipped and enjoyed. I found that it is refreshing enough for a hot summers day and warms you up on bitterly cold night. Overall, the beer goes well with most food especially waffles.
    Bass Ale: The quintessential British beer as well as one of the oldest beer companies in the world too. It is a pub/dingy bar type of beer. Enjoyable and can be enjoyed with a nice helping of steak. Try to drink straight from the tap. I find that I am indifferent about the bottled Bass Ale since it doesn't do the beer any favors but doesn't harm the beer either. My point of view is if you drink Bass Ale, you are man (or tomboy).

    Newcastle Werewolf: Found this beer in late September 2012 at a local bar near my house. I was royally impressed that I switched from the Blue Point Toasted Lager to this one as soon as tried a sampler. It fits the fall season perfectly. Something to warm you up when you are having a night on the town. Only tasted it with a sandwich but it tasted nice enough for poultry and other meats. This amber like beer is very similar to other Irish Reds out in the market but it has subtle differences. To my knowledge only sold during the fall months before the Newcastle releases the winter seasonal.

    Blue Point Toasted Lager: Homer pick goes to Blue Point. Blue Point is from Long Island. They make very good beers but this is by far the best. You can find throughout the year but it is meant to be a fall seasonal. You can say it is their flagship beer. It tends to start off strong but fade quickly enough to enjoy over and over again. It is one of those beers you can pack a 'sixer' for a BYOB party and be happy to enjoy it throughout the night. It goes well with most food especially Thanksgiving dinner.

    If there are any beers you think should be on the board for a future release of Be(er) Merry, let the Twitter account know and I am sure QQ and GW will pass along the information to me. On related note, a majority of the bloggers (QQ, GW, FM, MWW) have been using the UnTappd app. The app is pretty simple UI (user interface) and you can select beers and rate them. Highly suggest it if you enjoy beer a lot like all of us here at BSRS.


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