Friday, October 18, 2013

Hockey East Pick Em Week 2

QQ 14-6
GW 13-7
MWW 11-9
FM 1-0
HS 1-0

Week 2

Friday October 18

#2 Wisconsin @ #7 BC

QQ- Wisconsin 5-3- BC is overrated as Michigan has already let everyone know. Wisconsin, on the other hand, is not.
MWW- Wisconsin 4-3HMMMMMM BC SUCKS and GO Badgers!
HM- BC 5-4
GW- Wisconsin 6-2

 NU @ Holy Cross 

QQ- NU 3-2- No clue who to take so I'm just going with the HE team
MWW- HC 3-2- Holy Cross played well last week against BU. BU is better than NU hence I am taking Holy Cross
FM- NU 4-3
GW- NU 3-2

Mercyhurst @ Merrimack

QQ- Merrimack 2-1- Merrimack can't score much but I think they score enough this weekend
MWW Merrimack 4-3- I think Merri will turn off last weeks jitters and turn it into a positive.
FM- Merrimack 2-0
GW- Merrimack 3-2

Michigan State @ UMass

QQ- Sparty 3-2- UMass just isn't very good and I think Michigan State is better than people give them credit for. Sparty here.
MWW-  MSU 3-2- Pretty sure they are both suppose to suck this year. That being said I am taking MSU cause UMass sucks
FM- MSU 4-2
GW- tie 4-4

Michigan Tech @ #4 Notre Dame

QQ- Notre Dame 5-1- Notre Dame is quite good while Michigan Tech is not.
MWW- ND 4-0 - ND should be able to win this home game.
FM- ND 4-0
GW- ND 5-2 Quinnipiac @ #9 Lowell

QQ- QU 4-3- My head says to pick Lowell but if you saw the Quinnipiac dance team/cheerleaders at the NCAA's last year, you would pick them too. 
MWW- QU 69-0I am taking Quinni. Why? It took LoL until January to put it together last year and I expect more of the same.
FM- Lowell 2-1
GW- QU 2-1

#17 RPI @ #15 BU 

QQ- BU 3-2- This will be the toughest test of the young season for the Terriers but I fully believe that they continue to find a way to get it done.
MWW BU 69-0BU plays tight knowing a bigger foe is the next day but since this team has moxy
FM-BU 4-2
GW- BU 4-2

#5 Michigan @ #13 UNH

QQ- Michigan 4-3- This series is going to split for sure due to UNH's home ice advantage. The Whitt is a tough place to play but Michigan squeezes this one out.
MWW Michigan 4-0Michigan handled BC with easy last week. UNH is not better than BC. Hence the pick is Michigan
FM- UNH 3-2
GW- Michigan 5-1

Saturday 10/19

#2 Wisconsin @ #15 BU

QQ- BU 4-2- I don't see anyone scoring more than three goals on Maguire or O'Connor this year the way they played this past weekend.
MWW- BU 8-0'The Greek" is gonna be rocking. BU shakes off the tightness earlier in the weekend and plays extraordinary puck. Hammering Wisco back to Madison and producing the first of many exclamation points for BU this year
FM- BU 4-2
GW- BU 3-2

Mercyhurst @ Merrimack 

QQ- Merrimack 2-1- Merrimack gets back on track this weekend at home against a lesser opponent
MWW- Mercyhurst 3-2This has split to me after Merri took game one. That being said. 
FM- Merrimack 2-1
GW- Mercyhurst 1-0


QQ- tie 3-3- NU could very easily start the season 4-0-0 but I don't see that happening.  A tie still isn't bad. 
MWW NU 4-2 I am taking the home team here. Split bananananananana sundae
FM- NU 5-4
GW- HC 3-1

American Int'l @ PC

QQ- PC 5-1- No way they lose this game
FM-PC 7-0
GW- PC 3-0

Lowell @ Quinnipiac 

QQ- QU 4-3- Attractive females> meth labs and cocaine
MWW- LOL 4-3- QU womens team is nowhere to be seen to cheer on the men leading to LoL victory (Editor's note: This makes no sense whatsoever)
FM- QU 4-1
GW - Lowell 2-1

Michigan St @ UMass

QQ- UMass 4-3- UMass rebounds to get the first win of the season
MWW- MSU 3-2- I just want to see @FightMass close thier blog again.
FM- MSU 5-4
GW- MSU 2-0

#5 Michigan @ #13 UNH

QQ- UNH 4-3- UNH salvages a split on home ice
MWW Michigan 4-3 Michigan will ride a broom back to AA
FM- Michigan 4-1
GW- Michigan 4-3

Bentley @ Maine

QQ- Maine 4-3- Too tall of a task for Bentley to knock off UNO and Maine back to back weekend. Maine gets the first win of the Red era.
MWW- Maine 5-4- I know nothing about either team so I'll go with home ice
FM-Maine 3-2
GW- Maine 3-1

Sunday 10/20

Michigan Tech @ #4 Notre Dame

QQ- ND 4-1- Notre Dame rolls
MWW- ND 4-0- Notre Dame continues to warm up for Hockey East play
FM- ND 5-1
GW-ND 4-1

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