Friday, December 13, 2013

Bentley Preview

The BU Terriers take on the Bentley Falcons this Saturday in a non-conference game to conclude the first half of the season. This will be the first matchup ever between the two teams. The teams enter the game with almost identical records which has the "media" drooling over Bentley's chances to win the game this weekend. BU enters with a 7-7-2 record and hoping to build off their 3-1-2 run in their last 6 games to improve above .500 for the first half. Bentley is 5-0-1 in their last 6 which has media members thinking Bentley could win this game. Bentley's last 6 games were against Robert Morris,Air Force, Holy Cross, and UConn while BU's last 6 were against UConn, North Dakota, Cornell and Merrimack.

Bentley is lead in points by junior Alex Grieve and Steve Weinstein who each have contributed 20 points while  sophomore Andrew Gladiuk who has 16 points in 15 games thus far this year. BU will certainly need to keep these three in check which they can do by playing their game and taking control of the game as they against UConn(their last Atlantic Hockey Opponent). BU has the advantage defensively and in net along with the better special teams of the two teams. I have no doubt that the Terriers know how important this game is to their season and will not take every media member's new favorite team lightly.

Now on to a bunch of predictions I read this morning and got a good chuckle from. I thought I would share...

Bentley at Boston University
Dave’s pick: Bentley has lost by only a single goal to seventh-ranked Quinnipiac, Maine and (not counting empty-netters) Merrimack, so if the Terriers plan on just showing up, their disappointing first half is going to get even worse. But falling to 10th place has got to be an impossible-to-ignore wake-up call. Right?
BU 3, Bentley 2
Jim’s pick: This is one I don’t see staying close.
BU 5, Bentley 2

I love how Dave uses the standings in which BU has played 7 games while other teams have played as many as 11 but yeah why not go by the uneven standings.  The media is in love with stats and the shot total(we won't get started there) and therefore hate this BU team. I really wouldn't want it any other way.  Jim is cool this week anyway. You keep doing you Jimmy. 

More great insight from USCHO

Bentley at Boston University
Dan:  The Falcons are the hottest team in the AHA right now.  BU has nine NHL draft picks, but they’ve struggled in David Quinn’s new system.  People on Comm Ave. haven’t turned on him yet, but I feel there’s an underlying worry among some of the fan base heading into this game.  Branden Komm’s next win makes him the all-time program leader, and Alex Grieve and Brett Gensler are clicking and clicking hard.  Looking at the factors, I’m calling myself crazy and going for it.  Bentley wins.
Chris: I really, really want to pick Bentley in this game, and the Falcons may be the better team right now, but my gut says the Terriers win this one on home ice. Boston University wins. 

Let's guess how many BU games these nitwits have watched this year...over/under is 0.5 games. My favorite is the part where Chris says the Falcons may be the better team. Quality sarcasm...quality.  Dan does his best to one up Chris with his "People on Comm Ave haven't turned on him(Quinn) yet but I feel there's an underlying worry among some of the fan base heading into this game". Nah man we ain't BC fans, we know our team doesn't take games off against Atlantic hockey opponents. Bentley may outshoot BU but BU will have more grade A's and more goals. I'm not even going to address the fans turning on a coach who will be over .500 17 games into his tenure as head coach because that comment isn't worthy of a response. Moral of the story is USCHO (and the rest of the media) is dumb. I'm not saying it's BU vs the rest of the world but that's the way it's leaning right now and I love it. Go BU!

Projected BU lineup
Collier-Lawrence- Duane

Noonan- Oksanen



  1. Thanks for this analysis. You're right, the media is dumb. If they were smart they would've all picked Bentley in a rout.

  2. How is Bentley's season going? Oh right it's over