Friday, December 6, 2013

HE Pick Em


GW 61-43(.587)
FM  46-36(.544)
QQ  59-58 (.504)
MWW 46-58(.442)
HS  21-31(.403)

Friday 12/6

QQ- UNH 4-2- I refused to pick a team that gets embarrassed by Holy Cross at home. No heart out there in the Heights apparently.
MWW- UNH 5-4- Take the unhers. Bc lost to holy cross. Cmon now

BU @ Merrimack
QQ- BU 4-2- I have said it plenty already. I'm not picking Merrimack until they beat someone in conference. They haven't yet. More importantly, I think shots will be 31-25 BU so the victory will count(in certain college hockey writers' eyes). All can rest easy tonight knowing BU won the shot battle.
MWW- BU 5-4- Catholic guilt and Jesus was a jew

UMass @ Notre Dame
QQ- Notre Dame 3-1- UMass is just not very good this year(and every other year) but especially on the road.
MWW-Notre Dame 5-4 jesus has risen and God bless us. All of us.

QQ- PC 4-3- PC squeezes a tight one at Matthews
MWW- PC 5-4god giveth, lord take it away, gillies sucks, roy sucks.

Saturday 12/7

UMass @ Notre Dame
QQ- ND 4-2- Not picking UMass on the road in conference the rest of the year. Mark it down.
MWW-  ND 5-4

Merrimack @ BU
QQ- BU 5-2- BU makes it 9 in a row versus the Warriors and continue to roll towards the semester break
MWW- BU 5-4blessed are those in scarlet and white for those are the victors

QQ- UNH 4-2- Love UNH at home where they always seem to play well and visitors tend to struggle
MWW- BC 5-4

Sunday 12/8 

Lowell @ Maine
QQ- Maine 5-1- Not picking against Maine at Alfond for a while.
MWW- Lol 5-4aka the only game that doesnt deal with a catholic college. Hooray for secularism

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