Friday, January 10, 2014

BSRS Weekly Awards

We are a little late this week with the Wednesday night game so we apologize as we know many people plan this weeks around this post...

Greg Jennings Awardgiven to the Terrier who best exemplifies the qualities of Greg Jennings through doin' shit and putting the team on his back. (YOU CAN'T STOP HIM)

Winner- Cason Hohmann, F- Hohmann has potted goals in his first two games since returning from a first half shoulder injury. He certainly makes a difference in this offense as he has posted 2-1-3 in the first two games of the second half.  Hohmann may not be the biggest guy on the team but he certainly knows to put the puck in the net even with a bad shoulder. He is just like Greg Jennings except he has a broken shoulder instead of a broken leg but still finds a way to put the team on his back.

Joe Pereira Trophy- Given to the Terrier who, through grit, hard work, and determination helps the team to victory on and off the scoresheet. Just like Joey did. (Interview can be read here)

Winner- Matt Grzelcyk/Danny O'Regan- The pair of sophomores returned from the World Junior Championships in Sweden and joined the BU lineup on Saturday night vs Harvard despite their extensive travel after playing for their country. They deserve the Joey P this week for their commitment to their team and their country. Oh yeah and they both had put up points in their first two games back(Grizz 1-2-3, O'Regan 1-1-2).

Buddy Powers Award- Best BU coach of the weekend

Winner: Steve Greeley- Greeley is already striking fear into fellow recruiters everytime he walks into a rink. Greeley picked up a few more high level recruits over the winter break in 2015 forward Jordan Greenway and 2014 forward AJ Greer. It's almost not fair on the recruiting trail as Greeley continues to load up future classes.

Denny Green AwardGiven the player or the team more or less, who is exactly who we thought they were(whether or not they were let  off the hook)

Winner: UMass- Up 3-2 on the road against a higher ranked conference foe...can anyone guess what happens next to the UMass Minutemen? The same as usual...they choke and lose 4-3 after giving up a goal in the last 5 minutes of regulation. Typical UMass.

Barilla Pasta Sieve of the Week

Winner- Steve Mastalerz, UMass- We're not trying to turn this into a UMass hate blog but it's just too easy sometimes. .915 save % isn't going to get it done Stevie!

Star Market Grocery Stick of the Week

Winner-Shayne Taker, UND- Taker took a -2 in a tough 4-3 loss to BC at Fenway. His d-partner Stephen Johns was just as bad but he is on my fantasy team so I want to keep his confidence up.

Boeheim/Calhoun Quote of the Week

We're going with a tweet. Deal with it.


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