Thursday, September 4, 2014

BU announces official roster

Yesterday, the remaining four members of this year's freshman class was announced along with the remainder of the roster. The additional four members of the class were forwards Nikolas Olsson and AJ Greer along with defenseman Brandon Fortunato and goalie Connor LaCouvee.  These four complete a class with their six classmates announced back in June(Eichel, Phelps, Piccinich, Macleod, Hickey,Diffley).

The only bit of news that wasn't already reported was that Dalton MacAfee had left the program. The rising sophomore was going to be in a battle for ice time and was also a sought after lacrosse recruit. It is unsure at this time if he is transferring to a different school for hockey or lacrosse. We certainly wish Dalton all the best as he moves forward with his collegiate career.

Now that the roster is finalized, we can take another look at potential lineups when the season opens up a month from today versus St. Thomas in an exhibition game.


Erod-Baillargeon- Hohmann
Greer-Eichel- O'Regan
Lane- Roberto- Piccinich

Extras: Kelley, Lawrence, Olsson,Ryan,*Oksanen

* Rumors of Ahti Oksanen being moved to forward have been circulating and now seem to be true as he is listed as a F/D on the roster. I am leaving him out of the lineup for now as I have no clue how he will look as a forward.


Hickey- Somerby

Extras:  Ryan, Oksanen


1. O'Connor
2. LaCouvee

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