Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Preseason Power Rankings

It's that time of the year where everyone is beginning to release their power rankings within the conference so here are ours before the HE media poll comes out in the next few weeks.

1. BU- Absolutely stacked up with talent up front from O'Regan to Hohmann to Baillargeon to Eichel who can all play center along with Roberto, Rodrigues, Greer, Phelps, Piccinich, Moran who can play wing. The defense is young but very skilled lead by junior captain Matt Grzelcyk. The Terriers will be solid in net with Matt O'Connor and freshman Connor LaCouvee.

2. PC- They bring back a majority of their team from last year that made the NCAA's behind goalie Jon Gillies. They are very deep with solid players throughout the lineup.

3. NU-Clay Witt probably won't be as good as he was last year but they are probably banking on their defense being less terrible and have Roy and Szmatula carry the team up front.

4.  Maine- Assuming no more players get kicked off the team before the season starts, they should have solid talent throughout the lineup.The question, as always with Maine, is if they can find a solid goalie.

5. UVM-  They are talented enough to win a lot of games. It will come down to how disciplined they stay(especially when Shea is calling their games).

6. Notre Dame- Lost a lot of seniors from last year but they always seem to find a way to be decent in Jeff Jackson's system

7. Lowell- Same as Notre Dame above but there seems to be a lack of talent in the last few recruiting classes for Norm Bazin and Co.

8. UNH- Just lost their starting goalie after his arrest and weren't returning much up front to begin with. This will make for a long year in Durham.

9. Merrimack- They won't be good but they'll be better than UMass UConn and BC.

10. UMass- They also will not be good but we like Fight Mass so we put them ahead of UConn.

11. UConn- Already hearing whispers that head coach Mike Cavanaugh is behind the 3:30 Saturday afternoon start when they host BU because BU plays a 7 o clock game the night before while UConn plays at 2. I would be irritated if I didn't expect it from a former BC coach.

12. BC- You can't win games 0-0 despite what Norm Bazin may believe so I don't care how good their defense and goalie is, they will suck this year.

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