Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend Recap: BU beats BC, ties UConn

This weekend the #5 ranked BU Terriers had a set of Hockey East Games which on it's own would make for just another weekend in league play. Friday night's game was anything but another game in league play. The game was broadcast live on NBC Sports nationally to an audience looking to see the first matchup  of BU and BC this season lead by their freshmen superstars. Jack Eichel lived up to the hype once again for the Terriers with 5 SOG along with a goal and a +3 rating for the night. Noah Hanifin didn't do anything to stand out to me as a top 10 pick as he was on the ice for 4 BU goals for a -4 rating.

Now while the hype leading up to the game and throughout the broadcast was about Eichel and Hanifin, it was the other players on the ice who decided the game. Senior assistant captain Evan Rodrigues added two goals for the Terriers along with junior Mike Moran tallying another to lead a 4 goal BU third period for a comeback 5-3 win. The win improved BU to 5-1-0 on the season and is huge for confidence moving foward. Matt O'Connor was solid in goal and overall BU played well especially in the third period. It speaks volumes about this team that a team this young could go into a sold out Conte Forum and come away with a win even if everything didn't go their way. Nikolas Olsson continues to be a force as a freshman as well as John Macleod on the blue line. Brandon Hickey had a bad turnover that lead to the third BC goal but he rebounded from that well to have the primary assist on the tying goal and ended the game with a 0-2-2, +1 line. I also thought Cason Hohmann and Matt Lane were pests all night for BC as they have been all season. These two upperclassmen along with sophomore Nick Roberto have been giving teams fits and they will be critical moving forward for this team to continue to succeed.

There is a lot of talk from BC's fans after the game whether it's time to panic or not along with the typical "we're so jealous that BU has Eichel so we're going to pretend he is overrated " talk. I have some advice for BC fans. You should panic. Your team has 3 legit forwards(Fitzgerald, Tuch, and Calnan) and an overrated D corps with an injured goalie but hey don't shoot the messenger. Thank the great coaching staff that recruited this extremely thin team together. On that note, one of your former captains looks great in BU gear!

On Saturday night, BU survived a classic trap game(the game after beating BC) at home aginst UConn who was coming off their own defeat of BC last Wednesday. BU battled to a 4-4 tie with the Huskies in a game where there was never a moment where either team was ahead by more than one goal. BU got goals from Danny O'Regan(2), Mike Moran, and Brien Diffley's first career collegiate goal. Jack Eichel and Evan Rodrigues had good nights as they added 3 and 2 assists respectively. Connor LaCouvee made 22 saves on 26 shots in his second regular season start. BU returns to action for a one game next weekend at Maine on Friday night.

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