Thursday, March 19, 2015

Weekend Preview: Hockey East Finals Preview

David Quinn told a very funny joke this week. He said "If we play UNH 10 times, they would win 5 and we would in 5". I laughed about this hours later about what a funny joke he told.  Anyways, this is what I said last week when I was looking past  the scrimmages with Merrimack because they are terrible.

"UNH is unlikely to beat Providence this weekend but would be an ideal semifinal opponent for the Terriers. Even though they have already beaten the Terriers, it was in a game where BU spotted them a 4-0 lead and still almost won/ would have won with some good bounces going their way. The UNH goaltending situation has been stabilized by Danny Tirone but not enough to slow down BU's top line of three potential Hobey Baker Finalists." -me

                                                      Photo credit to the Boston Globe

I later went on to saying that playing UNH would be a "triple bye" which is exactly what it is. The fact that they are even playing this game is such a joke. Yeah sure UNH has won 9 of their last 10 but they will learn quickly that they aren't playing offensively challenged Providence anymore. That isn't Mark Jankowski resembling a new born giraffe lumbering down the wing and then shooting right into your crest. That's Jack Eichel blowing by your D before flipping a backhand saucer pass for Danny O'Regan to tap in. That's Ahti Oksanen shooting from anywhere and everywhere and being quite accurate while doing it. That's  Brandon Hickey letting off clappers from the blue line. Basically UNH sucks and their season is going to end tomorrow night. 

On to Saturday, I have heard a few people say they would prefer BU play Vermont over Lowell. I strongly disagree. Don't get me wrong, I would find it amusing to watch the basketcase Brady Hoffman try to play goal against BU without being suspended immediately following being pulled but I would prefer Lowell for a couple reasons. First, the goaltending is a better matchup. Kevin Boyle couldn't steal candy his local Lowell convenience store, nevermind steal a game from the most prolific offense in college hockey. Second, Lowell has some depth scoring but they really do not have the defense to even come close to containing BU on Saturday night.No threepeat for the crackheads from Lowell. So BU will win another trophy and be named a 1 seed for the NCAA tournament on Sunday morning at 11 eastern. It's a great weekend to be a Terrier fan! 

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