Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Senior Series Post #1 : Anthony Moccia

This is the first of our senior series posts where we recognize each member of this year's senior class.

                                                 Photo by Maya Devereaux/Daily Free Press

It's not that often that multiple head coaches and 5 years of teammates have such high praise for their third goalie but not many people never mind third goalies are as great as Anthony Moccia. Moccia went relatively unnoticed his freshman year as he served the practice goalie for the Terriers in 2010-2011. He was bumped up to the roster his sophomore year after the graduation of Adam Kraus. Moccia would dress in 26 games on the NCAA tournament bound 2011-2012 Terriers. Moccia dressed for 20 more games his junior season and also would be elected to the Hockey East All Academic team. He would repeat this feat his senior season as well as make his game debut against the hipsters from UVM. Moccia would come back for an additional season as he completed a 5 year bachelors/masters degree in health sciences. This past season Moccia was often leaned on as an emotional leader as well as the two appearances he made in the regular season finale and HE quarterfinals.

Throughout Moccia's career, his teammates and coaches couldn't say enough nice things about him as a player and more importantly as a person. Moccia was always there for his teammates and they showed how much they appreciated that. One example of that was when junior Matt O'Connor was pulled one game with a shutout going for Moccia and he explained after the game that he was upset at first but once realized it was for Moccia, there was no way he could be upset and he was excited to see Moccia get some action. David Quinn would reiterate this in a press conference where he said that he would keep Moccia on the roster forever if the NCAA allowed him to. You can never have enough good guys on your hockey team and Anthony Moccia was the epitome of a good guy.

Thanks for all that you've done the last 5 years and you certainly left a lasting impact on BU hockey for years to come. No doubt that you will be successful in whatever field you decide to use your degree in. You certainly had a huge positive impact on the program especially this year with so many younger players looking to the older guys to set an example. There will probably never be a better example of how to act and carry yourself both at and away from the rink.

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