Sunday, April 19, 2015

Senior Series Post #2 Cason Hohmann

This is the second Senior Series post. You can read the first one on Anthony Moccia here.

Cason Hohmann gave 110% on every shift for his four years at Boston University. That is fact not opinion.  Hohmann was the heart and soul of this year's team along with fellow senior Evan Rodrigues. Hohmann put up 92 points in his career for the Terriers and it felt like he hit 92 posts too. He may have been snakebitten at times but he never let that affect his effort level. Hohmann was always going as hard as possible for the Terriers whether he was  healthy or playing through a shoulder injury that seemed to plague him throughout his career.

                                                    Photo by Maya Devereaux/Daily Free Press

The smallest forward on the team never let his size or lack thereof be an excuse or define what type of player he would be. He was not afraid to block a shot or dig out pucks in the corner. He was not afraid to take a hit to make a play. He was a very underrated playmaker and it showed this year as he was the one constant on the second line. He played with Evan Rodrigues, Ahti Oksanen, JJ Piccinich, AJ Greer, Robbie Baillargeon, and Nik Olsson during the year. All of those guys produced when they played with him. That isn't by accident. He is a great offensive player and an even better back checker/penalty killer.

Hohmann also brought an emotional aspect to this team that every winning team has. He wasn't afraid to jaw with an opponent or an official and he was always one of the first guys standing up on the bench cheering on his teammates. He was a great four year player for BU and had some great moments. Players like Cason Hohmann are necessary for any program to have success. Guys who may not be the top pro prospects but love to play the game and will work their ass off doing it. Besides being from Texas (just kidding), he really has no flaws in his game especially when he looks for his shot.

We wish Cason the best as he graduates from BU this spring. He will certainly be successful in whatever career path he chooses because of that drive and competitive nature. He certainly could pursue a professional hockey career with the way he plays the game. There will be plenty of teams either in the US or Europe would be glad to have a player like Cason. He is a hell of hockey player, teammate and leader that will not be replaced by one guy next year. It will take a collective effort from the upperclassmen to fill the emotional and playmaking void that Hohmann will leave behind on Comm Ave.

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