Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Clayton Keller rejects Windsor

BU incoming freshman Clayton Keller has publicly rejected his offer from the Windsor Spitfires of the OHL(Ontario Hockey League). This is big news to BU hockey fans as it confirms that Keller will remain on campus for his freshman season. Obviously these types of things can change in a moment's notice(see Bracco, Jeremy) but it appears that Keller seems intent to play with the three fellow first round picks(Bellows, Fabbro and McAvoy) on the roster as well as the rest of the talent that BU coach David Quinn has brought in this season.

Windsor definitely had a lot to offer Keller as they are the hosts of the Memorial Cup this coming season and have a few close friends of Keller on the roster. Ultimately, Keller made the decision that he felt was the best for his career growth and also happens to be the one all BU fans were pulling for.

Keller will be an instant impact player at BU and will be put into a top 6 role right away. I would not be surprised to see Quinn treat similar to Eichel in that he will play on all units including PK to make Keller the best player he can be and help him develop for the next level.

BU coach David Quinn continues to out recruit the CHL when it comes to top end talent as he has gotten Jack Eichel, Charlie McAvoy, Brandon Hickey, Kieffer Bellows and more to campus when many thought there was a real chance they would go to their CHL team. Whatever he is saying to convince them to show up is certainly working. He has lost AJ Greer midseason and Kole Sherwood two years before he was supposed to get to campus to the CHL but those are losses you can live with as a BU fan. Greer wasn't playing or producing as anyone would have hoped and needed a change of scenery while Sherwood got an offer from Columbus out of nowhere that he would have been crazy not to accept. While other college programs continue to struggle to outrecruit the CHL, Quinn has beaten them out numerous times for the players that they covet the most which has to give you confidence as a BU fan for future recruits as well. Once your program is the place to be for first round NHL draft picks, the sell on the recruits get a lot easier.

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