Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why Your Team Sucks-Maine

Part 2 of 11. You can find part 1(UMass) here

Your team: Maine Black Bears
Your 2015-2016 Record: 8-24-6(5-15-2)
Your 2016-2017 outlook: Maybe worse than last year. Like UMass, it will be tough to be worse than last year's team but certainly anything is possible for a team this untalented and bad at hockey. They only return two players who recorded 15+ points last year and their freshman class is uhhh lets just say Paul Kariya isn't working through that door. Pat Shea is a freshman who will be probably be the most likely to contribute out of the gang of misfits. They are fighting an uphill battle on a team that ranked 56th offensively and 50th defensively in the country last season. Jake Pappalardo is also a freshman who could make an impact but the definition of freshmen impact is much different in Orono now than at any top tier Hockey East school.


Last year's Maine team won 8 games which was their second lowest total ever besides the ones the NCAA vacated during a season after former coach Shawn Walsh treated NCAA rules like a suggestion more so than a rule. Looking at their 2016-2017 schedule, it is tough to see them winning more than 8 games this year. The best team they beat all of last year was UVM who was not good.Looking at the schedule it looks like Maine has 14 games that they may win this year. That's uhh not good. The U-18 team is going to murder this team on 1/6 in an exhibition game so it is really hard to see Maine making any substantial progress as a program this year.

So you would think a program that is as bad as Maine's right now would probably keep their mouth shut and try not to draw attention to themselves right? You would be incorrect!

In a game not  against BU, they are trying to chirp a program that has dominated them the last 2 years and that's putting it lightly(17-6 score the last four games). This is just stupid but I guess what should you expect from a has-been program. Pat's pizza sucks too btw

Your Coach: Red Gendron(38-61-13 in three season at Maine). Normally when a guy averages over 20 losses a year for his first 3 years as coach he gets fired. In Maine, he gets a two year extension! He doesn't have any top end recruits coming in to save the day either so it could be a slow or impossible rebuild in Orono because Maine hockey sucks.

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