Friday, December 30, 2016

First half recap: Buy a shirt and some ref corsi

The BU Terriers will head into the first half at a 10-5-2 mark. 10 wins in the first half of the schedule usually puts a team in a good position to make the NCAA tournament. Last year's team had 9 wins and the 2014-15 team had 11 wins at the half way mark. BU will open the second half shorthanded against Union next Thursday 1/5 due to 7 guys being away at World Juniors. BU will most likely only have 11 forwards ,6 defensemen and 2 goalies available with no healthy scratches while going up against a top 10 team. It isn't exactly what the doctor ordered to start the second half but it will be a great win if they can pull it off.

This CHN story on BU's first half has some good quotes from Quinn on what he thought of the team's first half and what he expects for the second half once he gets 7 players back from the WJC.

Speaking of World Juniors, while Clayton Keller, Jordan Greenway, Charlie McAvoy, Kieffer Bellows, and Patrick Harper dominate games for the US and Dante Fabbro helps make Canada somewhat likable as a country, good friend of BSRS, BurntBoats has started selling a great t shirt for all BU/USA fans. The shirt not only looks great but it cures all of your aches and pains especially back pain that a lot of BU fans have from carrying the rest of the country through World Juniors.

BU has also added a new third string goalie for the second semester as sophomore Max Prawdzik is taking the semester off to get some reps in the NAHL. It is expected that Prawdzik will return to the program next fall as a sophomore. Only at BU would a D1 goalie just be planning to enroll at the school and able fill in like this. PC only has one D1 capable goalie on their roster currently which makes this whole situation even funnier.

Ref Corsi **Warning** This section is very boring unless you like reading about penalty minutes and why never watching Kevin Shea ref a game again is my new year's resolution.

Through the first half of the Hockey East schedule, penalty minutes were up over 6 minutes per game from last year and over 8 minutes per game from two years ago. This is no surprise as the NCAA as a whole has looked to call games tighter. My boy Kevin Shea has still found a way to lead all refs with 34.2 pms/game. Stephen McInchak called the least amount of penalty minutes/game with 20.6 but he does Notre Dame games mostly so those numbers are not necessarily indicative of his reffing style overall. I would vote for Chris Millea as my first half ref MVP since I can't recall him being a ref for regular season games but he did three this semester according to the HE website and came in below the league average at 27.33 PM's per game for three games. He was also killin' it as a liney with style almost as good as T. Low's(another HE ref for any ref corsi newbs). First half MVP for linesmen is Tommy George because he has reffed at the Olympics and he loves my ref corsi posts. Stay tuned at the end of the regular season for my big ref corsi post and breakdown. I think some refs are in for some big second half comebacks(looking at you and your 32.7pm's/game Jack Millea)

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