Monday, May 31, 2010

Moss fires agent. enters last year of contract with Pats

Randy Moss will enter the final year of his contract without an agent. Moss fired longtime agent Tim DiPiero. Moss told the Boston Herald today that he has no intention to retire anytime soon and is simply switching agents. He thinks he is still marketable and wants to commercial deals and such. I personally think Moss can still play another 2-3 years in the NFL at a level that makes defenses respect him as a deep threat. Moss does not expect to return to the Pats after this season but I think the Pats should try to sign him for another year or two while they groom younger receivers around him. Many say they don't have the cap room with Brady and Mankins expecting contract extensions, but they could find a way to keep him in New England with those two or if they let Mankins go if his price demand doesn't come back down to Earth.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Learn how to celebrate a walkoff you jackass

Forward to the 2:00 minute mark to see the walkoff homerun by Angels first baseman Kendrick Morales and then suffer a serious injury to his left ankle as he hits homeplate.

I applaud him for the shot he hit but come on you idiot. Lets jump up and land on the plate with 25 guys hitting my head. I know everyone does it but it is asking to get hurt if you're a clumsy fuck like this guy. I saw this and just started laughing. I bet next time someone on the Angels hits a walk-off the celebration will be much more low key hahaha idiots.

update- the idiot broke his leg hahaha

Celtics in NBA Finals!!!!!!!!!!!

noug said

Friday, May 28, 2010

World Cup Preview 3

Hey ya'll back again with personally my favorite group of the World Cup, which is Group C. Group C has the USA (fuck yeah, USA, USA, USA), England (another of my favorites), Algeria, and Slovenia. I love this group. Neither team has played each other besides the USA vs. England last year and basically know nothing about each other. I predict that the USA WILL WIN their 1st match against England (heavily favored) and still come in 2nd in the group with England winning the group. I say this because the USA will also lose at least one match, but England will have a higher goal difference, which determines the winner if there is a tie.

Players to Watch:

Wayne Rooney (England/ striker): Plays for Manchester United and contributed over 30 goals this season in all competitions. He is awesome, 2nd best player in the World behind Messi. Just started to score goals this year, but what makes him so good is his ability to work without the ball and workmanship. PS- his heading the ball into goal has gotten a whole lot better.

Landon Donovan (USA/ Attacking Midfielder): the best USA player; if he plays up his ability when he was with Everton this year for a 4 month loan period than anything is possible. Not fast or skillful but just a smart player. If he plays to his ability the USA has a chance to make a run at the Cup.

PS- this is for you, David Beckham, still my favorite, sorry that you are going to miss out on the World Cup.

BU Signs Some New Recruits

Parker and his staff just made their last defensive signing of the year, picking up Garrett Noonan of the BCHL's Vernon Vipers, according to some sources. He is a 6-1, 205 left defenseman originally from MA who will join former teammates Ryan Santana and Sahir Gill on the ice this year. At Catholic Memorial HS he was Catholic Conf. MVP and called "one of the most physical players in the state" in the Boston Globe. Hopefully he'll be another Gryba-style blueline banger like MacGregor ideally will be.

On the women's side (yeah, ik, women's hockey, but get off my dick this is a big deal) coach Durocher signed basically the best women's player in Canadian hockey, Marie-Philip Poulin, who at 18 is getting compared to countryman Sid Crosby and was Canada's best women's player at the 2010 Olympics. Like she was good enough that I remember her several months later, which is quite an achievement since I watched all of one (1) olympic women's hockey game. Additionally, her Canadian Olympic teammate D Catherine Ward will be joining her at BU. Throw in star UNH transfer Jenn Wakefield and things might be very interesting at the Walt next year.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

On The Beautiful Game

"The customary method of getting a penalty is to walk into the area with the ball, get breathed on hard and then immediately collapse, arms and legs splayed out, while you twist in agony and beg for morphine, and your teammates smite their foreheads at the tragic waste of a young life."

I just have one thing to NTW(OC)'s already excellent World Cup coverage--go England! U-S-A! That's gonna be one helluva fun group.

NCAA Hockey Video Game (sort of maybe)

I like Paul Kelly. As the new face of College Hockey, Inc. He really is optimistic about what college hockey could become in the next few years. In the face of recent program shrinkage in some cases, it takes a lot of chutzpah to suggest the viability of adding new DI programs, particularly at non-traditional schools. (He said it would be a real coup to get a USC, Berkeley, UCLA or a Stanford to get the puck rolling out there) I like a guy who isn't willing to lay down and eventually let the sport decline. Now he has this idea that will certainly be popular among NCAA puckstars...err...puckheads.

from The Pipeline Show blog:
NCAA Basketball and NCAA Football have their own annual release from EA Sports so why not NCAA hockey, at least under the NHL umbrella?
"We've actually been in discussions with EA for a couple of weeks," Kelly began, "and while we don't have a formal announcement to make at this moment, we are certainly in discussions with EA Sports and they are very interested in having a college component to their game. We, the colleges, are very interested in having that happen and we are just currently in the process of figuring out what dimensions that aught to take. The answer to your question though is 'YES' just as there is going to be a CHL component to the video game, there will be a college hockey component as well."
As for the time frame for that release, I immediately asked Mr. Kelly if that would be in place for the NHL 2011 release due in mid-September.
"I'm hopeful. I don't know much about the development of video games... if we come to a finality here in the next couple of weeks and whether that would give them enough time to roll it out in time for September... I would hope so but I don't know the answer to that. As soon as they are able to do it, we'll be doing it."
Great news if you're a fan of EA Sports ongoing series of NHL games and especially if you've been waiting for NCAA hockey to be included.

I am in love with this idea! Whether or not it leads to a full game in the future, this is so much better than what we have now!

World Cup Preview 2

Back again with World Cup Preview 2. Group B has hands down the best player in the World right now, Lionel Messi for Argentina. This group seems somewhat weak with only Argentina as the powerhouse known team but do not turn your heads on Greece who won Euro 2004, and South Korea who made a run at the Cup in 2002 on their home soil. Also Nigeria has some world class talent too. This is an intriguing group and I am going to predict Argentina the winner of the group with South Korea in 2nd to advance to the next round.

Players to Watch for:

Lionel Messi(Argentina/ striker): this guy is brilliant, a goal scoring machine for FC Barcelona and is just awe inspiring, predicting that he will have a great tournament with his other superstar strikers around him. This is his best goal ever.

Ji-sung Park
(South Korea/Midfielder): this guy runs and runs and runs and never gives up. He is a playmaker, he can create opportunities for other players so they can score. Hands down one of the best Asian futbol players out there in the world.

Game to Look out for: Argentina vs. Greece: Greece plays solid defense with counter-attacking and Argentina plays beautiful futbol aka they score for the fun of it. Like a draw here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

World Cup Preview 1

Hey ya'll! I am going to be giving you a little preview of the World Cup coming up in June. It is the biggest sporting event in world, hands down. It pales in comparison to the Super Bowl, World Series etc. The only sporting event that might have as much power is the Olympics. It is viewed by over a billion people, fucking awesome.
So I am going to be going down each group here starting with Group A and the host country, South Africa. This group is extremely strong with the host country, which has never been eliminated in the opening group stage, South Africa and France who got into the World Cup on a hand ball. You also have the a South American giant in Uruguay and of course Mexico. I will tell you right now, I hate Mexico and there TRI COLOR, those fucking assholes. I like France to win the group and South africa to get 2nd place.

Players to Watch:
Diego Forlan ( Uruguay/striker): This guy plays for Athletico Madrid who just won the UEFA Cup against Fulham. Very strong player especially with play-makers around him.
Hugo Lloris (France/goalie): Had one of the best goalkeeper performances this whole year, played out of this world, wanted by every top club in Europe. He is going to show his promise with this years World Cup.

Biggest Match:
South Africa vs. Mexico: First Game of the Tournament and those South Africans are going to be crazy and I mean crazy. Like South Africa here.

Cool Conference Realignment Article

Ik it's from an enemy source but I thought this article about alternate universe conference realignment on the BC Interruption blog was wicked cool, as both a UConn and sort of as a BU fan. The article posits a bunch of very interesting (im)possible conference structures involving Newton U., but one in particular caught my eye.

"The New England Conference

All New England, all the time.

Conference Members: Boston College, Boston University, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Providence, Massachusetts, Northeastern, Rhode Island, Holy Cross, Fairfield

Football Outlook: Poor. As BC and UConn are the only conference members that play big-time college football in this world, both programs dropped down to I-AA a long, long time ago.

Basketball Outlook: Moderate. BC, UConn, Providence, UMass, URI and Holy Cross would headline, but the quality drops off precipitously after that.

Hockey Outlook: Strong. This is Hockey East less Merrimack and Lowell and adding UConn. My guess is we won't miss Merrimack or Lowell too much."

I would be in love with this idea if basketball program quality didn't drop off so dramatically starting with us and going down to UNH, Vermont, Maine and Fairfield. (As it is I still love it but that and BC/UConn football make it virtually impossible) In my perfect world, the first three of those would be strong enough to not hold us back in hoops while strengthening our hockey rivalry by bringing it across multiple sports. I'd think of expanding into NY and PA to bring some bigger fish in to sweeten the pot while hopefully the stronger conference would be beneficial to all us current America East-ers. Here would be my dream conference as a UConn and BU fan.

  1. BU
  2. BC
  3. UConn
  4. Vermont
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Providence
  7. UMass
  8. Maine
  9. NU
  10. URI
  11. Siena (hope they stay good now that Fran McCaffrey's gone)
  12. 'Cuse
  13. Holy Cross
  14. 'Nova or St. John's (this is the Big East junkie in me talking)
Local rivals (with potential to develop more), nationally prominent teams. Hopefully the quality hoops school half of the conference would bring us up (as well as HC, UVM,UNH).
Of course this is all fantasy for now. Realistically, I see us moving into the MAAC (other than Siena not a very great move) or, if the upcoming Big 10 expansion falls just right, the A-10, in hopefully the next few years (hopefully NU would head that way as well now that they cut football).

Sox combine on one hitter ...Lakers lose

The Sox continued their good run with a 2-0 win over the Rays tonight. The staff held the Rays to one hit throughout the whole game. Jon Lester is looking like an ace now after a rough start. The bullpen keps the Rays in check after Lester left the game due to a high pitch count. The Sox look to continue their run against the Rays tomorrow night.

The Lakers, who Obama recently picked to win it all, fell to the Suns again tonight and allowed the series to be tied up 2-2. Kobe had another great game but not enough as the Lakers look more and more beatable. Andrew Bynum probably is wishing he didn't look ahead to the Celtics now. Stupid, hurt stiff. Keep your yap shut until you have four wins in the series. The guy is an idiot.  It's going to be amazing playing against those guys again," Bynum said after practice at the team's training facility in El Segundo. "Because we lost [in 2008], we're going to have a lot of fuel and a lot of ammo. They're definitely a great team. They have great veterans on their squad. . . . The first step is closing out Game 3, and then after that, we'll be focusing."

P.S. Sorry for calling you out there Mr. President. Here is a cool video of you to make up for it. I voted for you so don't hate.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Barack Obama Reads Our Shit

Yeah, you read that right. Barack Obama reads this website. Oh proof? You want proof. You can't handle this shit. Here's my proof . Yeah, that's right. It says "Executive Office of the President USA". Yeah he had 7 page views. Yeah he was on for 27 seconds. Whatever. How many of you has the President reading your blog? Oh ok. Thought so.

By the way, I'm completely ignoring the fact that he got to our blog by searching "Yale Hockey Recruits 2010" on google. I'm also ignoring the idea that it was just some White House staff member. Whatever. Shit just made my day.

Completely Unrelated Stories

Yeah, a couple things to talk about today...

1.) I was half right about the Celtics last night. The Magic did come out playing hard, and the did have some dirty fouls in the second half (that's directed at that punk bitch Dwight Howard). Unfortunately, the Magic didn't fold as predicted in the second half, and instead actually played like an NBA basketball team last night.  Am I worried? Not for a second. If the Celtics don't blow them out down in Orlando, they will absolutely demolish them back in Boston for Game 6. Take that to the bank. Also I've been saying this for a long time but I don't think I ever made a point of writing it on here - Dwight Howard is not even a remotely skilled basketball player. In fact, anybody with his size would score as many points as he does in games. Every highlight they have of Dwight Howard is him dunking on a guy a foot shorter than him. Congratulations, Dwight. You are the 4th grader who can dominate all the 1st graders at recess. When he actually has to make an athletic, skill-intensive play around the basket, he winds up looking like the guy from Along Came Polly ("MAKE IT RAIN"). Plus he got blocked by Glen "The Ticket Stub" Davis last night. Enough Said.

2.) The Super Bowl being in New York is a joke. The only reason the Meadowlands was picked is because of it's proximity to NYC. You think anybody wants to go to New Jersey to watch a football game in February? Guess again. The only people this is good for are the people of New York/New Jersey and the promoters at the NFL. Now they can be be like oohhhh the Super Bowl in the Big Apple ohhhhh. Big Deal. If Gillette Stadium was closer to Boston, they could make a push for it to be there too. But guess what? It would still suck. Anybody who has been to a Patriots game in the winter knows it sucks to be sitting out there when it's 5 degrees and -100 with the wind chill. And if it snows then the game will be favorable to a team that plays regularly in snow, where as a dome or at least decent weather plays favorably for both teams.  This decision by the NFL sucks and I think we will see them revert back to the 50 degree rule after 2014.

3.) I don't even have a third point. It's too damn hot.

2014 Super Bowl In New York Just Announced

The owners of the NFL recently just voted to have the 48th Super Bowl at the Meadowlands Complex that just opened a few months ago. This will be the first cold weather Super Bowl ever and the first for New York. The Commissioner recently also allowed the bid and do away with the 50 degrees Fahrenheit rule.

I very glad about this for numerous reasons:
1. I am New York City area dweller aka a NY Jets fan
2. Most of the time games are played out in the cold and raining shitty weather so might as well let it happen (experiment) in NY(NJ) b/c of the 2 teams located there and the NFL main office is located in NYC.
3. Some of the greatest games ever played were out in the shitty weather.
Pats vs Raiders: Tuck Rule Game
The Ice Bowl
Giants vs. Packers NFC Champions in 2007
The Mud Bowl
The list goes on and on.
IF you are true fan for football you would be happy for this. If you live in Boston/ Providence area the gates were just opened for a future Super Bowl at Foxboro, if you are Redskin fan, or even a Bills fan. Dont get me wrong I would hate to see a game decided by a field goal with winds in the 40 mph range but Most of the NFL games including playoff games are held outside in cold weather.

Tom Thibodeau is favorite for Hornets job...Sox's Cameron prepares to be activated

The New Orleans Hornets have begun working on a contract for Tom Thibodeau, a person familiar with the process told The Associated Press on Monday. The Celtic assistant was one of 8 coaching candidates with the Hornets. He also could see other job offers in coming weeks.'s Marc Stein reported last Friday that New Orleans was high on Thibodeau -- known as the defensive architect behind the Celtics' unexpected run to within a game of a return to the NBA Finals -- as well as Portland's Williams and could make a hire as soon as this week.

In nearly two decades as an assistant coach in the NBA, Thibodeau has developed a strong reputation as a defensive strategist, and was part of the Celtics' staff when they last won an NBA title in 2008.

The Hornets struggled defensively last season, allowing 102.7 points per game, which ranked 20th in the league.

Darnell McDonald was designated for assignment yesterday as Mike Cameron prepares to come off the DL Tuesday. Infielder Angel Sanchez was optioned to AAA and reliever Scott Atchison was called back up to the big club. Look for McDonald to catch on with another team off of waivers as he was a valuable replacement for the Sox when two starting outfielders went down. This move comes as the Sox begin to play quality baseball and began beating quality teams.

In other news, Patriots third round draft pick, Taylor Price became the highest draft pick in the NFL to come to a contract. Price cannot begin team workouts until he graduates on 6/11 but has the contract already set in place.

Celtics loss, Sox win make minor news tonight

Yeah ,yeah the Celtics lost in overtime. Big deal. They will wrap it up in Game 5 or 6 so everyone chill. The Sox finally beat the Rays to climb to a season-best 4 games over .500. Jack Bauer makes the headlines tonight as 24 had its series finale(barring an ill-advised movie as rumor has it). Jack went out the way he should have gone fighting for his life until the very end and then getting away from everyone involved. I regret that he didn't just pull the trigger on the Russian president. That is the perfect way to go out. He lives on for that potential movie as the writers never wrapped up some loose ends such as his family,if he gets out etc... I end this post with the greatest youtube video of all time minus the god awful music. Enjoy.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Not So Fast, Bitches

Don't count the Suns out just yet. With a 118-109 win over the Lakers in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals Sunday night, the Suns have put themselves on the board in the series. While many LA fans (and players, for that matter) were ready to move on to the NBA Finals after the first 2 games in the series, Amare Stoudemire and the Suns came out firing in Game 3. Stoudemire alone put down 42 points and 11 boards, while Steve Nash added 17 points and 15 assists to lead the Suns to victory. The Lakers loss was not for lack of a good game out of Kobe Bryant, however, as the Rapist accumulated 36 points, 9 boards and 11 assists. What this proves is that the Lakers are beatable even when Kobe has a great game offensively. So if I were an LA player or fan, I wouldn't count out these Suns just yet...

The same logic applies for Game 4 of the Celtics-Magic tonight. Although the Magic looked straight up pathetic in Game 3, I wouldn't necessarily assume that this series is over. The Magic definitely couldn't have liked getting embarrassed in Game 3, and I would look for them to come out playing a bit harder tonight. I do think that the Celtics will win, but not before Orlando has made some hustle plays and challenged the Celts on D. However, I personally expect the Magic will fade and resort to unnecessary hard fouls in the second half, typical of a lazy, un-driven team who expected to walk through the Eastern conference on their way to the Finals. Let's hope the Celts finish it up tonight at home and can sit back and get healthy while the Suns and Lakers beat the crap out of each other out West...

TA playing through pain...Celts look to close out Magic tonight at Garden

Celts coach Doc Rivers said Sunday that reserve guard Tony Allen has playing through fairly severe ankle pain and was questionable for Game 3.

"Tony's ankle has been bothering him a lot, but he's playing through it," said Rivers.

Allen missed the first 20 games of the 2009-10 season with a sore right ankle after rushing himself back from offseason ankle surgery and aggravating the injury during the only preseason game he appeared in. Despite little expectations given his injuries woes in six seasons in Boston, Allen soon emerged as Boston's most reliable bench player, providing consistent defense and the occasional offensive spark.

The injury was worrisome enough for Rivers to consider using Nate Robinson off the bench and increasing minutes for veteran Michael Finley. Allen still contributed in Game 3 but look for Rivers to be careful with him especially with a 3-0 series lead and the Magic all but dead. I will be careful with these words after what the Bruins pulled though

Celtics cost Brown his job

Cleveland Cavs coach Mike Brown was fired before the Sunday night deadline to pick up his contract next season. Brown had to be fired or paid his entire $4.5 million salary by midnight Sunday. This is a sad end for Brown, who was brought in to win a championship but could never get the job done in the postseason. He took his team to the conference semifinals and conference finals in the past two years. Once Boston pounded Cleveland this postseason, it all but sealed Brown's fate. It seems as if the Cavs want to have an opening coaching position to let LeBron pick his coach because they are pathetic and willing to do anything to keep their selfish prick Lebron. The Clippers have done a similar move announcing they won't announce a new coach until free agency settles down aka allowing a big name to come in to play with Baron Davis and pick the coach to try to bring the organization out of the gutter. The Cavs are resorting to similar tactics and its pathetic. Boston beat them with chemistry and a deeper team. I personally think Cleveland should make LeBron an inital offer and if he doesn't accept let him fucking go or work out a sign and trade deal. They will be better off without James. Go sign Bosh and Wade and win a title and shove it in Lebron's face. Or Wade and my boy Amare down in Phoenix who just lit up the Lakers for 42 last night. I just think the city of Cleveland is pathetic for putting their lives behind LeBron and his selfish attitude. Let him go lose in New York or play in Jordan's shadow in Chicago.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bring on the Lakers

Lets beat these scumbags

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pats release 2....claim Teel

The Patriots released tight end Robbie Agnone and quarterback Jeff Rowe. Both were long shots to make roster.

One corresponding move was the claiming of quarterback Mike Teel off of waivers from Pete Carroll's Seattle Seahawks.

"Mike is looking forward to the opportunity to compete with the Patriots," said Neil Schwartz, Teel's agent. Teel had tipped off reporters by posting the following to his Twitter account: "Hello New England."

The 6-foot-3, 230 pound Teel is headed to town and is expected to be with the team for the start of organized team activities on Monday.He becomes the fourth quarterback in the Patriots' roster.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beckett goes on DL with back spasms...shut up New York

Sox ace Josh Beckett was placed on the 15 day DL today after he left his start last night with back spasms. This comes the day after Beckett left a game in the fifth inning after he felt back tightness after a splitter to A-Rod in the fifth. Up to that point, Beckett had been charged with five runs, three earned. The Yankess played the game under protest as they accused the Sox of faking Beckett's injury to get warmups for reliever Manny Delcarmen. You know thats the reason they blew a 5-0 lead. Not because they made some mistakes. I hate the Yankees and anyone who is with them on this one.

I've Already Got the Broom Out

Not even kidding. When Paul Pierce says they are gonna finish this series at home, I believe him. The broom is already out and ready to go. So far in this Eastern Conference finals, the Celtics have been dominating this supposedly untouchable Magic team. Sure the games have been close but that's only because we feel like making the games interesting. It's no fun to just win every game by 20 points so the Celts let the Magic think they have a chance at winning, only to slam the door in the final minutes. Of course, it helps when Vince Carter chokes at the free throw line in the final minutes of the game, but no big deal. Honestly, I haven't been that impressed with this Orlando team so far. Carter has been playing decently but nothing special. Howard had a good game 2 but has not been the force he was during the regular season. Rashard Lewis has looked like absolute garbage, Jameer Nelson hasn't played like anything other than a mediocre point guard, and Matt Barnes has been completely forgettable.  Oh and JJ Redick? The same little girl he was at Duke. For the life of me I cannot understand how the Magic had not lost a game so far in the playoffs until now. They have been playing hard but have honestly not been impressive. Which leads me to believe that Paul Pierce's prediction will hold true. As El Pres over at Barstool Sports already proclaimed, "BEAT LA"!

Yankees Act Like SOBs (For A Change)

According to, the Yanks are gonna file a protest against the Red Sox for supposedly falsely claiming that Josh Beckett was injured with back spasms, thus allowing Manny Delcarmen as many warmup pitches as he wanted.

Seriously? Don't play a brotha like that. Fuck you Joe Girardi for trying to pull that bushleague shit. You and I both know that you have no reason to complain about that and that anyone in their right goddamn mind would rather have had Beckett out there than Manny Delcarmen any day of the week and twice on Sunday. So just chill out and quit the goddamn whining. I'd bet $100 Torre wouldn't have pulled bullshit like that out of his ass.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pats release Springs...first draft pick signs

The Patriots have released veteran CB Shawn Springs. The team hasn't ruled out re-signing the 35-year-old, but for now the sides are going their own ways, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Springs began his career in 1997 with the Seahawks and made the Pro Bowl in 1998. In 2004, he left Seattle for Washington and spent five seasons there before signing a three-year, $10.5 million contract with the Patriots prior to last season.

The Patriots also announced that they have signed offensive lineman Ted Larsen, a sixth-round pick out of North Carolina State.

The Bruins also have began contract talks with defenseman Dennis Seidenberg.

Captain Zdeno Chara may need surgery to fix a dislocated pinky that he suffered in Novemeber but refused to get surgery on until the season was over. Anyone who questions his toughness now can shut the fuck up. He was not allowed to fight for the remainder of the season as he had cast on and that results in an automatic suspension. Chara was not the problem on this team.

Monday, May 17, 2010

At least there will be no crushing Game 7's with the Sox...

Yeah dont expect to see this anytime soon at Fenway. The Sox suck straight-up suck. I'm still a fan so don't go and hate on me for being a fair-weather fan. I stick with this team no matter what but I am really starting to hate Pap. Like he is just fucking annoying and blows games. He pitched tonight like the Yankees already signed him to a deal. They have him on payroll for him to groove fastballs to A-Rod. Like come on. Make Bard the closer already and trade Pap for max value right now to someone besides the Yankees. Deal Beltre with him. He sucks too and have Lowell play first or third with Youk full time. Fuck New York

New BU Hoops Assistant Named

According to Boston University men's basketball coach Pat Chambers' Twitter, Dwayne Killings has been named a new assistant coach in the coming year. Little detail has immediately emerged although according to a cursory Internet search he was a 2-year walk-on guard from Amherst, MA who played at UMass before going on to be an assistant director of basketball ops. at Temple and a video coordinator for the Charlotte Bobcats. More details to come as they appear.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

World Hockey Championship Update

A while back I posted about the International Hockey World Championships, being held this year in Germany. The tournament has been underway for a little while, with Team USA struggling early on. The US lost its first 3 games to Germany, Finland, and Denmark. This put the US in danger of being dropped from the First Tier Hockey countries in International play. But Team USA managed to right the ship with a blowout 10-0 win over Kazakhstan. Former Terrier Matt Gilroy paced Team USA with a hat trick in the win. The US then added another win, this team a 4-0 victory of France, to solidify their International standing. Team USA finishes up with Italy on Tuesday, hoping to pull to an even 3-3 for the tournament with a victory.

Here's a Gilroy Q and A from the USA Hockey website for your reading pleasure. And in case any of you forgot what Matty Gilroy plays like...

C's win...keep Superman grounded

The Celtics look to be back to their championship form on the defensive end of the floor,where it matters most. The Celtics overcame a late charge from Orlando and a 6 minute scoreless stretch in the 4th quarter with superb defense to take Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The final score does not indicate how close the game really was as Boston had a 20 point lead entering the 4th. Ray Allen had 25 while Paul Pierce added 22. Kendrick Perkins, Rasheed Wallace and Big Baby David held Dwight "Superman" Howard to 13 points and 12 rebounds forcing others to beat them...which almost happened. Vince Carter had 23 while Jameer Nelson had 20 to help the Magic almost pull off a dramatic comeback. Look for more of this defense from the Celtics as they continue to use their team approach to take down superstars in these Eastern Conference Playoffs. They have taken down Wade and James. Next up...Superman.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Wish I could say I was surprised

I hate Newton College

Ok this was on Barstool Sports today(see >) and I listened to half of it before I wanted to throw up. Just another example of these kids trying to make it seem like they're from Boston and are crazy party animals. They talk about Mike's Pastries which is a fucking hour and a half T ride from their campus. You're not from Boston. You don't take on Boston cops. You take on Newton cops. The Boston cops don't even come down when you crash a jeep into the fucking green line. They just send the MBTA police because it isn't worth their fucking time. You're a bunch of spoiled pricks who would take a New York song and turn it into a Newton College remix. It is such an original idea...oh wait the song is three months old and there are thousands of remixes of it for different schools already. Come up with a better idea or shut the fuck up you stupid catholic fucks.

Pats add more defensive line depth...bring back Burgess

The Patriots have re-signed defensive end Derick Burgess. The Patriots and Burgess reached agreement on a one-year contract, a league source said Friday morning. This move continues to give the Patriots defensive line depth. The Patriots re-signed Vince Wilfork and Tully Banta-Cain while going out and getting defensive tackles Gerald Warren and Damione Lewis. The Patriots originally acquired Burgess in a trade with Oakland last summer. The Pats look to improve the pass rush and hope Burgess can help out in this area if he returns to his 2005/2006 form instead the stiff he was last year.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have a good day Lebron!

The Celtics closed out their Eastern Conference Semifinal series tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 94-85 win in game 6 at the TD Garden. The win gave the Celtics the 4-2 series victory and sent LeBron James home and into free agency without a ring. Lebron had a triple-double, as I predicted, but almost made it a quadruple double with 9 turnovers. This could end the LeBron era in Cleveland as he hits free agency July 1st and many teams have been clearing space to sign " The King".

Kevin Garnett scored 22 points and added 12 rebounds, and Rondo had 21 points and 12 assists for Boston, which will open the conference finals in Orlando on Sunday. T

The crowd chanted "New York Knicks" whenever James went to the free throw line and wore Knicks jerseys with his name on them. The only "M-V-P!" cheers were not for James, who was the league's best player in the regular season, but for Rondo, who was the best player in this series.

This night was what was expected. LeBron got his numbers but choked with 9 turnovers. His performance tonight sums up his time in Cleveland pretty well as he never won a big game. I hope for Cleveland's sake he stays because you know he is going to win 3-4 rings someday. He is just too good not to. What Cleveland needs is to fire that schmuck GM they have and make a real team not a bunch of over-paid talented, individually minded veterans. Fire the GM Ferry and give LeBron some real team talent around him. Cleveland Coach Mike Brown could stay or go. He has the right mentality but gave up with his team tonight which is a vital flaw in a coach if you want to win a title. Tonight goes to Boston though.

Maybe people will burn cars in the streets like fucking crazy French Canadians...oh wait we act like we've been there before.

B's forced to game 7...Celts look to avoid same fate

The Bruins lost a tightly played game last night 2-1 at the Wachovia Center. The Bruins gave up an early goal to go down 1-0 in the first. The game then went back and forth until the Flyers got a bounce and went up 2-0 mid-way through the second. The Bruins could not find a way to put the puck in the net until 59 minutes into the game when Milan Lucic scored with Rask pulled from the net. It was too little too late though.

The Bruins practiced today in an hour-long skate today where coach Claude Julien switched up the lines. He moved winger Blake Wheeler up to the Beregeron Recchi line in hopes of providing an offensive spark that they have lacked since Sturm and Krejci went down. The Bruins said all the right things in practice as they face becoming the 4th professional team since 1937 to blow a 3-0 series lead. Captain Zdeno Chara lead the way stressing the importance of not panicking. I agree with the Captain here. As many Bruins' fans rip their team apart today on sports radio, I thought the series isn't over. The team didn't blow a 3-0 lead yet. They could come out blazing tomorrow night at the Garden, where they are 5-1 in the playoffs, and be up 3-0 after one. That probably won't happen but I just think people give up on this team quickly due to their past Game 7 failures. Have a little faith Boston.

Then we can knock around those fuckin' frauds up in Montreal and crush their spirit like its our fucking job. Fuck those French Canadian bastards. They win hockey games by flopping for the refs. Stand up and take a hit like a man. They do know how to party though. Ill give them that. 41 arrests is impressive for the Conference Semifinals.

The Celtics look to avoid a Game 7 in Cleveland tonight at the Garden. After Game 5's dismal performance, everyone is counting LeBron out. This scares the shit out of me. Look what he did in Game 3 when everyone doubted him. The guy is gonna show up tonight. You know after all the talk he is gonna put up 30,15, and 10. Just hope the Celtics can control the rest of the team and do enough offensively to win.

Also, Wes Welker spoke today and expressed optimism about his knee injury. He looks to bounce back sooner than expected but would give no time for his return.

Dan Koppen also spoke with the media today from voluntary workout in Foxboro. When asked about Tommy Brady's off-season schedule, Koppen supported his QB and explained how fellow players understand the situation. Brady's two children are on the West Coast along with the rest of his family. I personally don't give a rat's ass where Brady does his off-season work. He has been working with Welker on the West Coast. He isn't sitting in a beach in Hawaii with no contact with the team. He has earned the right to train where he wants. It is not just Brady. Ty Warren has been missing also he tries to earn his degree. You can't fault the guy for that. Each guy has a different situation going on in his life so when fans and the media judge Brady on where he is training, I just shake my head. Let the guy live his life and bang his super-model wife in peace. He will be here July-February which is when it counts most.

Some Potential Terrier Hockey Recruits Profiled

An Unofficial USHL Prospect Blog has begun to post draft profiles for players who may be high selections in the upcoming USHL Futures Draft (for players who may be a couple years away from playing in the league), including several U16 players who are current Terrier recruits for several years down the road. Forwards were up today:

Gavin Stoick--Plays for the Colorado Thunderbirds U16 and is currently being pursued by BU, Cornell, Harvard, Yale and Michigan, perhaps a good reflection on the kid's smarts, at least if the interested schools are any indication. He led his team in scoring this year, and is huge for his age at 6'2"/200 lbs., giving him plenty of time to learn to play his size before he hits the college ice.

Brad Hawkinson--Also from the Colorado Thunderbirds U16, currently getting interest from BU, Cornell, Denver, Harvard, Northeastern and Yale. Second on the team in scoring to Stoick. Pretty much average sized at 5'11"/175, and again, the teams he's attracting perhaps reflect smarts on and off the ice (discounting Roxbury CC on there)

According to the article, both ought to be expected to get picked in the draft and should see the USHL in the not so distant future.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

C's win...look to close it out with at Garden in Game 6

Well tonight proved that home-court doesn't always mean much in the NBA playoffs. The Celtics took control of Game 5 in the early third and never looked back to sail to an easy 120-88 win at the Q. The big three lead the way for the C's over LeBron and Co. They started it with defensive holding LeBron to 15 points. Ray-Ray lead the way for the Celtic with 25 points while Pierce added 21 and KG chipped in 18. Rondo also threw in 16 points as the Celtics put in a true team effort to dismantle the Cavs half court defense and take control of the series. Game 6 is a must win for the C's as they do not want to go back to the Q for Game 7.

James, the league's two-time MVP on the verge of an expected trip into free agency on July 1, had an atrocious game. He scored 15 points on 3-of-14 shooting, a startling outing for the 25-year-old who has been playing with a sprained elbow.

Because of James' uncertain future, Game 5 may have been his last at home for Cleveland and it has set up Game 6 as the most important in franchise history: Win and force Game 7 on Sunday in Cleveland; lose and maybe watch James, the local kid trying to deliver this city its first pro championship since 1964, leave for good.

Rondo, coming off a 29-point, 18-rebound, 13-assist performance in Game 4, was held without a point in the first half as the Cavs concentrated their defense on stopping the point guard from penetrating into the paint. He finally got loose in the third, scoring 12 as the Celtics opened a 21-point lead.

Boston went up by 24 in the fourth, sending battered Cleveland fans toward the exits.

go the 38 second mark to watch LeBron get posterized

"Bulging Dick I mean Disc"

I find this very funny. Maybe another of Tigers hidden mistresses on the tour that hasn't come out yet cause he probably does have a bulging "disc"

B's get raped...time to jump off the bandwagon

The B's got stomped on tonight at the Garden the Philadelphia Flyers. The 4-0 loss was embarassing as the Bruins showed no killer instinct at all. They got outplayed in every aspect of the game and showed no motivation to win besides scuffles at the end of the game and very good goaltending by Tuukka Rask. The Bruins look to close out this series for the third time Wednesday in game 6 at the Wachovia Center.

In other news, Josh Beckett will miss his next scheduled start Friday due to back spasms. Beckett suffered the spasms while swinging a bat in batting practice with other pitchers in prepartion of interleague play May 21-23. This might be a good thing for Beckett as his mechanics have been off all season resulting in his 7+ ERA. Tito Francona said he did not know if Beckett would miss his next start also but Tim Wakefield was already getting the start on Wednesday to give Beckett an extra day of rest to work on mechanics. Therefore, the rotation will not be messed up at all with the off day on Thursday.

In more important news the Patriots pre-season schedule was announced and is as follows:
Thursday, Aug. 12 -- vs. Saints (7:30 p.m.)
Thursday, Aug. 19 -- at Atlanta (8 p.m.)
Thursday, Aug. 26 -- vs. Rams (7:30 p.m.)
Thursday, Sept. 2 -- at Giants (7 p.m.)

The game against the Falcons will be nationally televised on Fox.

Quest for the SuperBowl begins now...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celtics win Game 4...tie up series with Lebron & Co.

The Celtics won Game 4 Sunday afternoon to tie up the Eastern Conference semifinal series with the Cleveland Cavaliers at 2-2. Rajon Rondo showed up with an MVP worthy performance. The Boston point guard had 29 points, 18 rebounds and 13 assists.

Rondo is sometimes overlooked among the Celtics' other All-Stars, Rondo is the reason the Celtics are two wins away from knocking off the East's No. 1 seed.

"I think it starts with Rondo. He's kind of the engine that really gets them going," James said. "He does everything for them. His performance was unbelievable.

"Rondo was definitely the difference maker."

Rondo had a playoff career high in rebounds and matched his best scoring night in his fourth postseason triple-double. He played 47 minutes with some of his bigger-name teammates in foul trouble, and fans serenaded him with the chants as he knocked down a pair of free throws with 17 seconds left.

Rondo took this team on his back with others in foul trouble and took advantage of Cleveland's inability to stop his penetration (ha i said penetration) and dish style. Look for more of this the rest of the series for the Celtics to win. Hopefully the refs stop buying the Cavs bullshit flops by Lebron and Varejao. Also, LeBron isn't hurt...stop using it as an excuse when you lose or play like trash.

Dallas Braden throws perfect game after spat with A-Roid

Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden has thrown the 19th perfect game in Major league baseball history. This comes with ironic timing as it was Braden's first start since he exchanged words through the media with Yankee 3B Alex "i do roids" Rodriguez. Braden had threatened that he would make A-Roid pay for running back across his mound while he was pitching in April. The two exchanged words during the incident but Braden has not let it go. He has continued attacking Rodriguez through the media to which A-Rod responded that he would take Braden's words more seriously when he had done something. Well A-Rod better be all ears now after today's perfect game for the young gun out of Oakland.

Tiger withdraws from Players citing neck injury

Tiger woods has withdrawn from the Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Verde, Florida. Woods withdrew after hitting his second shot on the par 4 7th hole. He spoke with an official before the shot and walked over to shake hands with playing partner Jason Bohn after that shot. As Tiger took questions from reporters by his locker, he became so frustrated that he slammed his golf shoe to the floor.

"I've been playing through it," Woods said of pain he first felt before the Masters. "I can't play through it anymore."

Woods said he did not know what caused the injury, only that "playing doesn't help it." He took 10 questions before going into a physical therapy trailer for 37 minutes and leaving the TPC Sawgrass.

This is Woods' first withdrawal from a tournament since the Nissan Open at Riviera in 2006, when he narrowly made the cut and withdrew from the final two rounds because of the flu. He also withdrew from the 1995 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills as a 19-year-old amateur because of a wrist injury from hitting out of deep rough.

There is only one explanation for this. Something more serious happened to his neck when was in that car accident on November 27th after his crazy wife found out about his 120 moments of infedility. Ok enough with me being nice about it. Tiger hurt his neck when he crashed his SUV into a fire hydrant after his wife found out he went out and fucked porn stars while she was pregnant with their children. This is karma and anyone who feels bad for Woods is an idiot. He is actually paying for what he did. I have no issues with professional athletes nailing porn star sluts. Go for it. Sergio can nail as many as he wants. If you make the mistake of getting married, then actually be committed to it.

Oh Boy...

So the Red Sox suck. There's no getting around it right now. In a season supposedly based around "run prevention", the Sox have given up 10 and 14 runs in their last two games, respectively. I don't care that it was the Yankees who posted those runs on us. We should be able to compete with the top teams in our division, and that absolutely includes the Yankees. Is there a good chance that the BoSox turn this travesty of a season around? Sure. But it needs to happen soon.

Also, the Celtics go today in Game 4 of their series against the Cavaliers. Let's hope they find a way to stop Lebron, who killed us in Game 3. Also, does anybody else think his elbow injury is a bunch of bull? Cmon. You don't score 21 points in a quarter with a hurt elbow. He's full of crap and a little girl. Maybe Rasheed will nail him in that elbow today, that'd be sweet.

Anyways, here's to hoping all of Boston sports can get their shit together today and going forward...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Celtics,Sox get pounded

Well, Game 3 did not happen the way anyone expected. After four full days of people doubting LeBron because of his gimpy elbow, the league MVP had 21 points in the first quarter as he outscored the Celtics by 4 to lead the Cavs to an easy victory. The Celtics played like they thought the Cavs would roll over now that LeBron elbow was "injured". As Bill Belichick would say " we got outplayed in every aspect of the game. They out-coached us, out-scouted us, out-played us." One key difference is the Pats never roll over for an injured slightly injured Peyton Manning exclude 2009. Good teams stick the dagger in the heart of an injured opponet because now the series could easily swing and end the Celtics' season. This series seems to favor whoever is doubted going into each game. So look for the Celtics to pick up the intensity and determination to tie up the series 2-2 on Sunday afternoon. This game is virtually do or die as if you go back to Cleveland down 3-1 for game 5 you're gonna start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Sox game went even worse. The so-called ace Josh Beckett got lit up like it was the fuckin' Fourth of July; giving up 9 runs of 5 1/3 innings. Beckett's ERA skied to 7.46 which is just what the Sox and my fantasy baseball team need...oh wait that fucking sucks. Beckett will eventually get his shit together though as he is a warrior. The Sox look to bounce back today with Clay Buchholz on the hill against C.C. "have another Krispy Kreme" Sabathia. Buchholz has been the most consistent pitcher for the Sox this season so far so look for a solid outing from him today.

yeah something like this

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sad Night in Beantown

Ok so tonight sucked for Boston sports fans. I'm not even gonna broach the Sox or the Celts. I'll leave that for quackquack. Instead I'll talk about the Bruins inability to close out the Flyers. Yeah I know they are still up 3-1 in the series. But I don't care. I'll admit I only got to watch the 3rd period and OT, but I saw enough to know how the game went. Even though the B's scored twice in the third, they got outplayed. And they got outplayed harder in OT. The Flyers, to their credit, came out playing balls to the wall. The Bruins managed to capitalize on the chances they got in the 3rd period, but inevitably the chances dried up and the Flyers won it in OT. To his credit, Tuukka Rask kept the Bruins in the game in OT. And from the highlights I saw, most of the rest of the goals weren't really his fault (I think 2 of them were pretty save-able). So this comes down to the rest of the team, not Rask. The forwards couldn't generate any offense, the defense couldn't slow or steady the Flyers attack. Every rush it seemed like Philly had a decent look or at least the opportunity to generate one. And although we outshot the Flyers tonight, it seemed like most of the shots were just slappers fired in lieu of a real offensive attack. Not winning hockey in any sense. I will excuse Mark Recchi as he came up big in the 3rd and added his first goal in the first period. Bergeron and Wideman played well too.

I'm not trashing the Bruins here. I think they will come back and close it out in Boston on Monday night. I just think it would have been nice to get a little rest before the Conference finals, as the Habs-Pens series is going at least 6 as of now. But of course the B's wanna make it more difficult on themselves. Typical for a Boston team, making their fans sweat it out...

p.s. Darrell Powe better get wrecked by Lucic, Thornton, or Chara in Game 5. Dirty hit from behind on Savard. Resulted in a boarding penalty but he still needs to pay for bullshit hits like that.

The Red Sox Must Sign Rojo Johnson Now

Screw Michael Bowden. Forget Daniel Bard. Rojo Johnson is the future of pitching. Theo oughta be fired if he can't find a way to get this guy to Pawtucket and quick. He will bring rings to the Back Bay by the end of next year. Write that down and quote me on it.

Pretty Much What I Wanted To Say

BU's one and only Hot Dog captures my feelings about the BU Hockey team right now pretty well...

There is definitely a sense of entitlement that the hockey players carry and by all means after winning a National Championship I can sympathize. But this kind of takes it to a different level. I mean, I am going to hold a real grudge as long as this group of players is donning the scarlet and white. Until an entire new set of players comes through it'll be hard to give the same support I gave once in my life. Hockey doesn't seem to have been the primary priority for players who were brought to this school to focus intently on one thing and one thing alone. Let's compare high school transcripts and we'll see if you could've made it without're here for hockey, start acting like you give a s&*t.

Multiple Hockey Players Drinking on St. Patty's Day...Shocker

According to The Daily Free Press , between 13 - 15 BU hockey players, including freshman and a current Captain, were drinking late into the night on St. Patty's Day. Are people surprised by this? St. Patty's Day in Boston is a huge drinking holiday, especially for college kids. Clearly members of the team were gonna be drinking. If Parker himself was shocked by that then he should wake the hell up. College kids drink (except for me, Mom) and clearly hockey players would do no different. Especially considering most of them probably weren't going to class that day or the next anyways, let's be serious.

Before people start calling for more suspensions and discipline, the FreeP article goes on to say that the St. Patty's Day drinking episode led to mandatory team bike rides. These bike rides apparently were held on Saturday or Sunday mornings until April 24. The reason the Saponaris and Trivino were punished is because Victor Saponari skipped a bike ride (which Parker originally said would result in immediate dismissal), and Vinny and Trivino showed up very late to a ride, practically as the ride was ending. Now there are no excuses for what the Saponaris and Trivino did, as the other players stepped up and accepted their punishment. Maybe if they had acted responsibly they would still be on the team/unpunished...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Antoine Walker looks for NBA comeback to pay off debt

Former Celtic and celebration dance all-star Antoine Walker is shooting for a NBA come back.
Former Celtics and current Louisville coach Rick Pitino says Walker will work out with several Cardinals during the next few weeks. Walker hasn't played in the NBA since 2008 and has suffered legal and financial woes since stepping away from the game.

Walker agreed to pay three Las Vegas casinos more than $900,000 to settle three bad-check charges last fall. Pitino coached Walker at the University of Kentucky in the 90s and is having him speak to his young players about gambling and other troubles he faced as a professional.

"He'll talk to our guys," Pitino said. "What I told him is it's not about the past, get ready and get going and move on."

I personally think who wouldn't want to sign him. Tommy Heinsohn will be the first in line to endorse the Celtics signing him hahahaa. My view is his dances alone are worth more than Sheed and his technicals because of his anger managment issues. I just want to see a bunch of this...

B's win game..Lose Krejci

The B's turned in their best performance of the Eastern Conference Semifinal series to win 4-1 and take a commanding 3-0 series lead. Blake Wheeler and Miroslav Satan scored 94 seconds apart in the first to turn a 1-0 hole into a 2-1 lead which the Bruins never looked back from. Tuukka Rask was spectacular in goal and the Bruins stuck the dagger in Phill's heart in the third when Mark Recchi made it 3-1 2:30 into the third. Patrice Beregeron added an empty netter to make it a 4-1 final. The Bruins, however, lost centerman David Krejci and defenseman Adam McQuaid to injuries and both could miss significant time. Reports this morning are that Krejci suffered a broken wrist on the crushing hit by Flyers captain Mike Richards. Hopefully, the B's can continue to fight through injuries and finish off the sweep to get to to their first Eastern Conference finals since 1992. Game 3 Highlights

The Players

So Tiger is back at it this weekend after a horrible 2 rounds last week. I guess he was a little weak in the knees, if you get what I mean. I love TPC at Sawgrass, it is on my bucket list and should be in yours. I hope someone I know wins not some no name asshole. Don't like Tigers chances at all here, only won once and that was when he was dominant.

Am probably going to be watching this all weekend and those who are too lazy to pay for their TV bill use this to help out with yours needs. I have been watching most of this morning away.

Top 5:

1. Rory (won last week with a 62, legit)

2. Z. Johnson (has the game for it)

3. Villegas (long type of course from Florida fits this U of Florida grad perfectly)

4. JB Holmes (yet another long hitter)

5. Tiger Woods (long shot just want everybody to get pissed that he won)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Latest In The Saponari Scandal: Controversial Lyrics Exposed

Thanks to Two Man Advantage, here are the lyrics to the now-infamous Party Like A Puckstar rap. I only post them because I assume this is everyone's first chance to see and I can't imagine anyone being able to watch to the awful fucking video itself. I saw Vincenzo still on campus today and just wanted to say GTFO of BU. As a fellow scholarship student here, I feel that I can rightfully say, if you couldn't live up to the terms of that gift you received, then just go. I feel better about next year's team this way, knowing that effort was such a huge component of our struggles recently.

"Party Like a Puckstar"
Vinny Saponari and Corey Trivino

Party like a puck
Party like a puckstar (X4)

I’m on a bitch bangin’ mission
And I score like an all-star
I’m wheelin down the wing
Just lookin for the back but
You know broads be at my game
Grabbin’ for my cup
And don’t even even know their names
That’s fine cuz they got no ____
I do like I do cuz I’m always in the spotlight
Step aside hoes if you don’t keep your mid tight
Just like kenna hoffer they fine and they mine bro
When I’m at the place I party like a puck star

Party like a puck
Party like a puckstar (X8)

Party like a puckstar
Do it with the red and the white like a Terrier
(Shoot Shoot)
Me and my team man
On the boat with fuckin’ glass man
Crushin’ soda cans
Shit you know me
Wear that V-Neck and gold chain
Bay State Puck Stars
Yeah we bout to make it rain (make it rain?)
You know that I’m a menace
I fuck bitches every night
At Agganis

Party like a puck
Party like a puckstar (X8)
(sniper man)

Soon as I touch the ice
Fans knew a star had come
See me on Bay State
I’ll make your pussy nut
You see my goal number one
Sportscenter yeah puckstar mentality
I point to the glass just to see who’s tryin to marry me
Students tryin to cop at me
When they see me all crowd around
Wheels make em spin quick like a merry go round
Yeah with my roommate
You know what we do
Stayin up late just to scream
Fuck you!

Go Terriers, amirite?

Matt Gilroy, USA Men Awaiting Opening of 2010 Worlds

The USA Men's Hockey team opens the 2010 World Championships on Friday, against the host team of Germany. The team features few players from the Olympics roster, although it does include former Terrier and Hobey Baker winner Matt Gilroy. Gilroy did not register a point in team USA's 3-1 exhibition win over France, who featured rising Merrimack sophomore Stephane DaCosta. DaCosta is not the only Hockey East player active in the tournament, as BC's Chris Kreider is on team USA's roster (for a reason unknown to any of us. Kid isn't even that good let's be serious). Team USA has another Terrier connection in the form of assistant coach Joe Sacco. Sacco, the current Avalanche head coach, played for BU between 1987-90 and registered 52 points in his final season. Regardless, best of luck to Gilroy, Sacco, and the rest of Team USA (except for Kreider. Fuck that)...

Team USA Juniors Chant

We Just Kicked Your Fucking Ass!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vinny Saponari Walk Of Shame Watch (Live Updates)

2:55 PM EST--Final chat with Popko, Little Gilroy and another individual, speculated at this time to be another hockey player, perhaps Justin Courtnall

2:04 PM EST--His shoes make the long trip out to the car, for the last time at BU. Hope he left a pair out for the ride home.

Right across from the headquarters of the BS(R)SB, Vinny Saponari is as we speak packing his SUV and preparing to make a final drive down Comm. Ave., bringing the turbulent Saponari era at BU to an unceremonious close (unless you consider 4 assholes shouting from a window and taking pictures a ceremony). Stay posted for further updates on this developing story.

Saponaris Shown the Door, Trivino Suspended

According to The Daily Free Press , brothers Victor and Vinny Saponari have been kicked off the team, and Corey Trivino has been suspended for an unknown amount of games to begin next season. Citing a BU hockey press release, the article says that the brothers and Trivino allegedly drank on Wednesday, March 17, (St. Patty's day for those of you not familiar), which was two days before the season ending Hockey East semifinal against Maine. Vinny Sap and Trivino are both underage, and the team has had a long standing rule that drinking is only allowed on Saturday nights by players of age. Parker also hints that the Saponaris were dismissed from the team for other actions "unbecoming to a Boston University hockey player".

This move by Parker seems to be his way of trying to send a message. Parker made it clear that he was unhappy with the off ice conduct of his players during the 09-10 campaign. With this punishment, he is letting it be known that underage drinking and other inappropriate actions will not be tolerated by members of his team. Let's hope the players get the message before any more punishments are handed down, because we really cannot afford to lose any more scoring power.

Phillies' fan gets tased after running on the field

Only in Philadelphia...The best part of this whole video is that the crowd is calling for the kid to get tased before the security dude does it. This is ridiculous and hilarious at the same time. The dude just tased the kid because he was so tired from chasing him around already. The 17 year old kid is now a fucking legend in Philly. I wish I got tased when I was 17; what a story to get ladies and impress other dudes with(no homo) tomorrow at school.

Great night for Boston Sports...Sox,Celts, B's win!

Tonight was a great night to be a Boston sports fan as the Sox won along with Bruins and Celtics playoff victories.

First, the Bruins won game 2 of their Eastern Conference Semi-Final Series with the Philadelphia Flyers 3-2 on a Milan Lucic goal with 2:57 remaining. This gives the B's a 2-0 lead as the series heads back to Philly for game 3 on Wednesday night. Tuukka Rask made 24 saves for the win in goal while Miroslav Satan and Johnny Boychuck both scored goals for the Bruins. The Bruins continue to surge through the playoffs and have won their last seven at home. There was also a scuffle in the game in which Flyers' defenseman Daniel Carcillo claims Bruins forward Marc Savard bit him. Savard denied the claim which occurred after Savard slashed Flyers goalie Brian Boucher's glove. Personally, Carcillo needs to stop being a fucking pussy and making claims to Canadian TV. First, make claims to American TV. You're in fucking America, prick. Second, if you don't want to get bit don't put your hand in his fucking mouth. It isn't like Savard is out there skating after people and trying to chomp on dudes' hands like he is a lion or something. With that said, nice win B's.

The Celtics took game 2 in Cleveland tonight to tie up their Eastern Conference Semifinal series 1-1. The Celts were lead by 19 assists by Rajon Rondo and 22 points from Ray "Ray Ray!" Allen. The Celtics again seemed to become complacent with a big lead of 25 points in the 4th quarter and let the Cavs bring it down to 10 with 3:23 left, However, unlike Game 1, the Celtics responded and closed the game with an 11-3 run to close out the Cavs. This ties up a series coming back to the Garden for game 3 where the C's look to grab the series by the balls and send Lebron with plenty to think about before free agency this summer. The Garden should be rocking Friday night.

In lesser news, the Sox finally scored some fucking runs in a 17-8 route of the Angels tonight at Fenway. The offensive outburst hopefully is a sign of things to come for the Sox and they get back to what the fans of Boston expect and demand from their team. Look for the Sox to get their shit together and make a run for the division and wild card despite the slow start.

Also Jack Bauer and House were awesome tonight so you cant ask for much more.