Friday, May 27, 2011

We want a cup! Fuck Canada!

What a series...What a win! Bring it on Canada! fuck Luongo and those Sedin twins! Cue the music...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

BU releases 2011-2012 schedule

Boston University has released it's hockey schedule for the upcoming 2011-2012 season. This schedule was released in the last week by the school and has some interesting changes and additions to the schedule. Here are some notable games but for the full schedule follow this link.

1. 10/8 - UNH 8 p.m. - Regular season opener at home against a very talented UNH team. The Greek will be rocking for sure.

2. 10/15- Denver 7 p.m.- The Pioneers visit BU as part of a Boston weekend as they also travel to Newton University the night before. I honestly can say I hope they split on the weekend. You know where I am going with this.

3. 11/13 @ Newton University TBA- This is interesting and just too much ammo. We play at BC on a Sunday. Isn't there a religious a rule against this? "Thou shall not get destroyed by BU on the sabbath". I think that is one of the ten commandments but no one pays attention in CCD so who knows. This is earlier than usual as it is usually the first weekend of December for BC home and home which also exists this year. That puts all of the BC games (minus the Beanpot final) before the winter break.

4. Cornell 11/26 MSG - Red hot hockey. Enough said here.

5. Notre Dame 12/31 TBA- New year's day in South Bend? I want in. Who wants to road trip over winter break next year?

6. 1/13 @Northeastern- The first game against the fucks who ended our season. Maybe they'll be have and not throw trash on the ice but probably not. It is Northeastern we're talking about.

7. 3/2 vs. Northeastern- The return of Vinny Saponari to the Greek. There will probably be some hostile fans in the building considering what a dick he was and how our season ended to these goons last year.

- These are just some of the games that standout to me at first glance but obviously the games with Merrimack, Maine, and the rest of Hockey East are all very important. So here is an early prediction. BU goes 34-0-0.Connolly wins the Hobey and team mvp while beating Northeastern a combined 15-1 in the three meetings and BC 19-0. Sorry college hockey BU is going to be back. We're winning it all. NCAA, HE tourny, Beanpot, HE regular season. If there is a trophy, we 'll win it. Is it time to play hockey yet?

Bruins update

Ok so we have been slacking bit time here lately. Partly because of computer issues on my part and because GW working two jobs to support the blog or himself. The real answer is irrelevant. It has been over three weeks since the last post which is just unacceptable with the Bruins playoffs going full throttle. Felizmiguel and Tiger graduated so I guess they can pretend to be busy looking to start a real life. We now enter the eve of game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals and looking back at the playoff season so far it has been quite a ride. Boston beat Montreal in a thrilling seven games clawing out of an 0-2 hole in the series. They then quickly disposed of Philly and their smelly fans 4-0 sweeping their asses back to Micky's gym from Rocky where they belong.

Now this series has been up and down since the start. The B's lost game 1 looking overmatched throughout the game and the powerplay still look horrific as it has all playoffs. They took game 2 in the game that quickly became the Tyler Seguin show. The 19 year old kid has a 4 point second period(2g,2a) on the way to a 6-5 Boston win. The series moved to Tampa for game 3 where the Bruins won the game and took control of the series. They then took a quick 3-0 lead on Tampa in game 4 after one and appeared to have them by the throat. The Lightening squirmed out like St. Louis has been all series and eventually won the game 5-3. The B's took game 5 back at home with a solid 3-1 victory lead by goals by Brad Marchond to put the B's ahead for good at the end of the second period. The series turned back to Tampa for another high scoring battle last night with a 5-4 victory by Tampa.
They then resorted to the ultimate form of class and threw all of their plastic clappers at the Bruins as they left the ice and were offended when Nathan Horton squirted a few of them with a water bottle. Oh no not water! They can throw shit off Krejci's dome but if they shot with some water it is a hate crime. Tampa was a tough team to hate until that moment. Now it's on just in time for Game 7 tomorrow night.
The series seems ready to come down to a dramatic finish which hopefully will end in the Bruins favor to set up a Stanley Cup final series with the Vancouver Canucks who have the whole country of Canada behind them and are the favorites to beat whoever comes out of the East.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bruins,Celtics heading in different directions

We are some lucky fans to have two current Boston professional teams in their conference semifinals respectively. These two teams have gotten to their current spot in two totally different fashions. Let's start with the Celtics first.

The Celtics' drive for 18 began in October with a win over the newly designed Miami Heat. The team has been through a roller coaster ride since. The team pulled off a huge and scrutinized deal at the trading deadline dealing Nate Robinson, and team cornerstone Kendrick Perkins for Jeff Green and Nenad Kristic. Both of these newcomers have been solid contributors off the bench but all the fans and experts still claim without Perkins the Celts would be facing an early playoff exit.

The Celtics proved them wrong in round one against the new look New York Knicks. The Knicks acquired Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups in a midseason trade that brought all of their fans out of the woodwork. The Celtics quickly crushed New York's spirit with a pair of buzzer-beater wins while Billups went down with a leg injury. The Celtics continued to roll sweeping the Knicks out of the first round in four games. This set up the matchup everyone was waiting for..Heat vs. Celtics.

This series has been hyped since last July when LeChoke James and Chris "looks like a Dinosaur" Bosh signed with the Heat and Dwayne Wade with their "Dream team". They had a rock concert to announce the signings and have had a target on their back from the rest of America ever since. The Celtics' older team is looking to stay together for two to three years more and win a few more rings. The series has not gotten off to the start Boston was looking for as they are in a quick 2-0 hole after a pair of 99-90 and 102-91 losses. The haters are out in full force as they are saying this series belongs to the Heat and the Celtics are done. This is far from the truth as the Celtics lost two on the road which is what is supposed to happen. The pressure is on as they now need to hold serve at home but history tells us they will find a way to do so. Ray Allen, Rondo,and Pierce all have injuries to fight through. History is on the Celtics side though and I believe they will win.

Our Boston Bruins couldn't be any more different from the basketball team they share a building with. They began their first round series against hated rival the Montreal "Diving" Canadians. They quickly lost their first two games at home and seemed dead and gone. They then won 3 straight to take a 3-2 series lead showing grit and determination that lead to a regulation,OT and double OT victory. They then lost game 6 on a bunch of horseshit calls and diving before winning an OT thriller in game 7 to win a series no one thought they could win after the first two games. They have carried this momentum into their next series as they have quickly won 2 road games to grab control of the series against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Contrary to the Celtics, history is not on the Bruins' side.It was just last May that they blew a 3-0 series lead against these same Flyers in the same round. The Bruins should have all the confidence in the world right now but there are doubters everywhere reminding them of last year. I am not saying they won't win this series because they will. This team is the most determined team in the playoffs since those first two games and losses to Montreal. Our two Boston sports teams couldn't be any different trend-wise right now but the great thing about sports is that this could change in one game or one period/quarter. They couldn't have a different history either with the Celtics winning 6 NBA titles since the Bruins last won the Stanley Cup in 71-72. The Bruins have five titles in history compared to the Celtics' 17. They are very different but I believe in both. It is a great time to be a Boston sports fan. Let's hope the Bruins stay the course and finish off these Philly fucks. Then let's watch the Celts turn it around at home and even up the series against this team of pricks.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Not Sports, Still Important

Never been prouder to be an American. Last night, circa 10:45 pm Eastern time, it was announced that Osama bin Laden had been shot and killed in a firefight in Pakistan. After eight long years of searching and combing the deserts and caves for this man, we finally got him. Hearing President Obama address the nation last night instilled a lot of hope in me that our nation, while we have our issues, can still step up and make things right. After he received a tip around last monday, President Obama launched an undercover mission with special forces in Pakistan. On monday, forces were mobilized, and last night, the job was done. But what's more important than us getting him? What's more important than the fact that we got the job done in a timely fashion?

Not a single American was killed. Not a single American was even harmed. Those men and women who executed that mission are home safe, not a scratch on them. Hearing President Obama say those words gave me a feeling of patriotism I have admittedly not felt in a long, long time.

I feel like this is tremendous in the face of other nations. This is, in some sense of the word, a phenomenal bit of foreign policy. Our country was in a tough spot, and, while I'm not saying this erases a lot of stuff we are trying to resolve, it is a great reflection on us as a country. This was starting to feel like a lost cause, and I had been thinking for a long time now when we would finally get him. We finally got it done.

Love him or hate him, President Obama helped to end things. While I tend to fare on the Left on the political spectrum, I'm not gonna spew liberalism here and start saying things like "LOL PRESIDENT OBAMA KILLED OSAMA AND NO ONE HELPED HIM, REPUBLICANS ARE DUMB". It's not like we didn't know who Osama bin Laden was until President Obama took the Oval Office. This was an issue eight years in the making. President Bush obviously tried tirelessly to get this man, but President Obama finished the job. And for that, President Bush, I give you the assist. Again, love him or hate him, President Bush helped to get this ball moving.

This was a truly amazing thing to happen. But this isn't the kind of "amazing", I believe, that warrants wild drunken rioting in the streets, or something like that. Celebration is in order, but I think it is more of a solemn celebration. I believe that this is a great way to bring some shred of closure to those related to 9/11 victims. What Osama did to the country was an abomination, and I could not be happier that he can never bring terror to anyone else's lives. I will say, however, I will always be curious to see what would happen if we captured him and brought him back and tried him. He deserved the justice that came to him, sure, but I would be fascinated to see that justice come in the form of the United States Judicial Branch.

To all those affected by 9/11, which, to some extent, are all of us, I offer my solemn condolences, but know that the man who caused all of this pain has met his maker.