Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2013-14 BU Men's Hockey Roast

A few months back we decided for some end of the season fun in the form of a roast. Some people might say that we've never said anything negative about a BU hockey player, and they'd be right...until today.

Feel free to chime in in the comments.

*These are jokes. We don't even take ourselves seriously so neither should you.

For those that are a little slow/aren't well informed/are from Lowell. A roast is:

Credit to Urban Dictionary

Let's get it started with the freshmen...
Nick Roberto: You committed to play and live in Orono, Maine for four years of your life. Also Roberto rum is shit...boom roasted

T.J. Ryan:  You're less famous than your dad and he is only on AM radio twice a week...boom roasted

Doyle Somerby: Somebody tell Doyle he doesn't have to play like an Islander yet.... boom roasted

Brendan Collier: Every time Collier takes the ice, Quinn turns to Greeley and says "Say your prayers, here we go."- The Town  ...boom roasted

Dillon Lawrence: It's ironic that his initials are DL since his game is on the down low most nights ...boom roasted

Dalton MacAfee: Maybe if you use a lacrosse stick, you will actually be a threat to score on the powerplay ...boom roasted.

Tommy Kelley: TK's wrister is about as accurate as DK's serve on Mario Tennis...boom roasted

Kevin Duane: There is goofy and then there is Kevin Duane. Only difference is that the latter has square wheels... boom roasted

Robbie Baillargeon: Carrots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  boom roasted

Monday, March 17, 2014

2013-2014 Hockey LEast Awards: Get Your Popcorn Ready

Welcome to the 3rd Annual edition of the Hockey LEast Awards. While we leave the real postseason awards to the writers and coaches, we feel it's wrong if the worst players in the league fail to be recognized as well.  When putting this list together, we take into account the following: goals, assists, plus/minus, games played, and our personal hatred level towards each player. We released our Pre-season favorites back in September and some were spot on...others not so much. Enjoy.

Dennehy explaining away another Merrimack loss. Courtesy of Merrimack Athletics
(Worst) Coach of the Year- Mark Dennehy (Merrimack)
This 1991 BC grad had a year for the ages behind the bench at Merrimack posting only 3 wins in league play leading to a last place finish. Only one Merrimack player recorded more than 14 points this season. Think about that for a minute. There were 87 players who scored more than 14 points this season in Hockey East. When you only have one of the top 87 scorers in the league, that generally doesn't lead to success. Some will claim it is because of the talent level being recruited which is certainly part of it but who recruits the players? Bingo! It's Dennehy and his staff. The moral of the story is if you don't want to get this award, don't be a BC alum and come in last in the league. Maybe just the first one.

Gaudreault about to be pick-pocketed/Courtesy of UNH Athletics
(Worst) Player of the Year- Maxim Gaudreault (UNH)
Gaudreault not only has a terrible last name, but also a terrible stat line. His measly 3 points in 34 games along with a -10 rating are straight up bad. This comes on a team that is above .500 and possibly bound for the NCAA tournament.  You combine his stat line with how eerily close his last name is to the worst person on the face of the earth and this award became unanimous very quickly. He literally contributes nothing to UNH. Gaudreault sucks and so do both Gaudreaus. We personally want to congratulate him on being the first player not named Vinny Saponari to win this award. It took Vinny leaving Hockey East for it to happen, but Maxim has filled his shoes quite nicely.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Senior Week: Captain Garrett Noonan

This is the final post in our series thanking the BU hockey class of 2014. You can read the posts about Matt Ronan, Jake Moscatel and Patrick MacGregor in the enclosed links.

                                              Photo Credit to Brooke Canaday/ BU Today

Garrett Noonan came onto campus and quickly became a fan favorite partially due to his awesome last name. His fan boy/girl nation only grew each game there. Fans learned to love how he played on the ice and how he acted off of it.

Noonan committed to BU and legendary coach Jack Parker along with co captain Patrick MacGregor as NHL bound defensemen Kevin Shattenkirk and Colby Cohen left campus to begin their professional careers. Noonan was coming off a season with the Vernon Vipers(BCHL) with classmate Sahir Gill after 4 years at Catholic Memorial which also happens to be the alma mater of his coach. He was the co-captain of a Catholic Memorial team that won the Super 8 Championship.The Norfolk, MA native recorded 34 points (12-22) in 30 games for CM and was named co MVP of his conference.

He would make the move to Vernon of the BCHL at the recommendation of his high school coach and former teammate Mike Collins. Noonan joined Vernon and contributed right away as his 27(6-21 points helped lead them to a second straight RBC Cup title. Noonan then had to make the decision between BU and PC which he said came down which school would make him the best player along with the coaching staff and being a BU heavy school in Catholic Memorial. He certainly made the right choice in our eyes.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Senior Week: Captain Patrick "Truck" MacGregor

This is the third in a series of posts about BU's 2014 senior class. Be on the lookout for a new post each day, culminating with captain Garrett Noonan at the end of the week. You can find Matt Ronan's post here and Jake Moscatel's post here

                                                 Photo Credit to Michelle Jay/Daily Free Press

Patrick "Truck" MacGregor came to BU  as a late addition to the 2010 freshmen class when Kevin Shattenkirk and Colby Cohen made the decision to go pro after their junior seasons. He will leave BU a respected leader and BU hockey captain both on and off the ice.

MacGregor committed to BU in the spring of 2010 due to the above mentioned departures. He had 3 goals and 18 assists for Avon Old Farms, which won a New England Prep Championship in 2010 with MacGregor holding down the defensive end of the ice. He also contributed offensively as he had two assists in the championship game(a 4-1 win). MacGregor and fellow co-captain Garrett Noonan were given the difficult task of coming and "replacing" Kevin Shattenkirk and Colby Cohen who both went to on to play professionally while Shattenkirk made the US Olympic team this past winter. While they were not thrusted into their roles right away it was not an easy task at hand. While as a freshman, Macgregor was asked to do less than he would be asked in later seasons, he still contributed an assist, his first collegiate point, in 13 games played throughout the year. He provided depth throughout the season and fought his way into the lineup for 10 important league contests.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Senior Week: Jake Moscatel, Take 2

This is the second in a series of posts about BU's 2014 Senior Class. Be on the lookout for a new post each day, culminating with captains Pat MacGregor and Garrett Noonan at the end of the week. You can find Matt Ronan's post here.

                                                                       Photo Credit to Matthew Healey/Boston Herald

If you would like to read Jake's senior week post from last season, you can do so here

Jake Moscatel is the first player in the history of BSRS to get two senior week posts. That is what happens when you achieve beauty status.

By this point, every college hockey fan should know the Jake Moscatel story. At one point he was an injured hockey player in Biddeford, Maine at the University of New England. Less than two years later, he was dressing and playing for his dream school and dream team. Moscatel transferred to BU strictly as a student from UNE but still had the itch to play some puck. He joined the BU club hockey team playing both offense and defense. When there was a rash of departures in the middle of the 2011-2012 season, he was given his shot by Coach Jack Parker. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Senior Week: Matt Ronan

This is the first in a series of posts about BU's 2014 Senior Class. Be on the lookout for a new post each day, culminating with captains Pat MacGregor and Garrett Noonan at the end of the week.

                                                                               Photo by Michelle Jay/DFP staff

From the first time he laced up the skates, Matt Ronan was always destined to be a Terrier.

Prior to the 2010-2011 hockey season, Ronan was considering his junior league options when he learned he could walk-on to the hockey team at Boston University. The decision was an as easy one for the lifelong Terrier. As he told us in our exclusive interview in 2012,  Ronan was part of the Terrier hockey family for "as long as he could remember."  His cousin Ed Ronan graduated from BU the year after he was born and his brother Dan later played for legendary BU coach Jack Parker as well. 

Ronan attended Belmont Hill High School and put up solid numbers in his senior season( 9-10-19). He then moved on to the Valley Jr. Warriors of the Eastern Junior Hockey League where he tallied 12 points (6 goals and 6 assists) in 39 games. Ronan was a freshman on the 2010-2011 BU hockey team and saw his first action in the IceBreaker Championship victory over Notre Dame. Ronan was an even +/- on the night as he played RW alongside classmate Sahir Gill and sophomore Justin Courtnall.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Season ends in South Bend

The BU Terriers dropped a hard fought 3-2 game to Notre Dame on Saturday in South Bend which meant the conclusion of their season. Notre Dame got out to a 1-0 lead off a Bryan Rust goal where he made a nice move to beat Matt O'Connor midway through the first. He got in on O'Connor after a blueline turnover by Ahti Oksanen. Notre Dame's captain and resident pest Jeff Costello beat Matt O'Connor 5 hole right at the conclusion of a ND powerplay to make it 2-0 in the second. It appeared O'Connor was screened on the shot. BU would get back in it on a great play by Evan Rodrigues who shoved his own rebound past ND goalie Steven Summerhayes to make it 2-1 going into the third. ND would extend the lead to 3-1 on a laser of a shot by Peter Schneider after he got a break up the right wing after a lofted puck bounced over Doyle Somerby's stick. BU would give themselves a chance when Robbie "Carrots" Baillargeon scored on the powerplay with a little over 5 left in the third. BU got the powerplay opportunity after ND goon Stephen Johns ran Garrett Noonan from behind. He was called for charging but should have been tossed in my opinion. He should have been called for charging, interference, hitting from behind, and boarding yet he was only given a two minute minor penalty. BU captalized on the ensuing powerplay but couldn't get the equalizer  and finished the season 10-21-4. The effort was there once again but a few costly mistakes ended up costing them a chance to move on to the QF round of the Hockey East Tournament.

It is certainly never fun when your season ends with anything less than a NCAA championship trophy but there were certainly plenty of positives to this season. The younger players gained invaluable experience due to the lack of depth on the roster and the team still beat some very good teams. The 2013-2014 BU Terriers had 70% of their wins come against teams in the top 15 of the pairwise rankings. This team battled night in and night out and certainly left fans nothing to complain about when it came to effort. This season will be a building stone for the future as the players and coaches seemed to only get better as the season progressed.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Weekend Preview- The Catholic School Knockout Tour Begins- Phase 1

The BU Terriers being their postseason play tomorrow night in South Bend, Indiana against the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. The Terriers return to Compton Family Ice Arena where they swept by identical 2-0 scores two weeks ago. Those games mean nothing now as the opening round of the Hockey East Tournament is single elimination. It only takes one good game or possibly one bounce to win and move on. The Terriers had opportunities two weeks ago that they failed to cash in on. That will need to change this weekend as every guy who touches his ice needs to elevate his game and build off the BU sweep of Northeastern last weekend.

David Quinn told the Boston Hockey Blog that Matt O'Connor would get the start in net as fellow sophomore goalie Sean Maguire was out of practice last week with an upper body injury. This is one of the situations where it is great to have two very good goalies. Maguire picked up the team when OC suffered a collapsed lung and missed the playoff run last year. We don't know the severity of the injury but O'Connor has the opportunity to backstop the team to victory with Maguire sidelined this weekend. O'Connor has been solid in his last two starts only allowing 2 goals in each start. With that said, there is probably 2 of those that we wants back. BU needs O'Connor to play up to the level he was playing at the end of the first half. His defensemen will need to help him out and make things easier on him. The RHH version of OC isn't the goalie we deserve but it's the goalie we need.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

BSRS Weekly Awards 3/4

Greg Jennings Awardgiven to the Terrier who best exemplifies the qualities of Greg Jennings through doin' shit and putting the team on his back. (YOU CAN'T STOP HIM).

Winner- Garrett Noonan- Noonan was a force defensively this weekend as he was out there consistently against Northleastern's top forwards Kevin Roy and Braden Pimm. He limited their chances and opportunities to limit Northeastern to 3 goals over the two game BU sweep. He made life easier for Sean Maguire Friday and OC on Saturday. It is only fitting a senior captain earns the GJ on the week of senior night. Noonan has had a very underrated year for the Terriers as he continues to play 25-30 minutes a night against top line forward. He might play 40 Saturday with only game for the coaching staff to worry about this weekend.

Joe Pereira Trophy- Given to the Terrier who, through grit, hard work, and determination helps the team to victory on and off the scoresheet. Just like Joey did. (Interview can be read here)

Winner- Doyle Somerby- Somerby recorded his first collegiate goal on Saturday night while also picking up a powerplay assist. The best part of his weekend was how physical he was defensively. He kept Northeastern's forwards away from the front of the net and won battles along the boards.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Recap - Blind Squirrels are Still Blind

- Actual footage of Northeastern trying to play hockey this weekend. Wobbly would have been their most effective forward. If you don't get the reference, read our preview from Thursday

The BU Terriers swept the Northeastern Huskies in their home and home series this past weekend. BU did so rolling three lines each night as numerous forwards were benched for a night(4 Friday, 4 Saturday) for a violation of team rules. The players who did play, played well as BU found the scoring touch that they seriously lacked in South Bend last weekend. The Terriers also got solid performances from both Matt O'Connor and Sean Maguire once again as both continue to put up solid numbers and play better than their numbers indicate.

On Friday night, BU celebrated senior night before the game and continued the celebration into the first period as Kevin Duane scored off of Colton Saucerman's leg to give the Terriers a lead that they would never give up. Danny O'Regan would make it 2-0 less than 30 second later. Both goals were shots that NU goalie Clay Witt would want back as both beat him 5-hole and were not difficult saves by any means.  BU would stretch the lead to 3-0 on a Robbie"Carrots" Baillargeon breakaway goal midway through the second. NU would score once to make it a 3-1 game but never got any closer as Ahti Oksanen " finnished" the game with a 200 foot goal on an empty net. BU held on for the 4-1 win and their most convincing win since an October win vs Wisconsin.

Friday night was a big win for the team as they proved to everyone that they could beat a top 10 team with 9 forwards and 5 D(the 6th D TJ Ryan was injured in the game and did not return). It was also a big win in that it was Jack Parker's number retirement night as a ceremony took place during the first intermission(video included after the jump). It was a well done ceremony and Coach Parker certainly deserves it for all he did for BU hockey. He catches so much hate from opposing fans which makes you realize what a good coach he was. Opposing fans don't hate bad coaches. For example, we love Jim Madigan. Coach Parker's #6 is now the second retired number in BU hockey history along with Travis Roy's 24.Congrats to Coach Parker and all of BU hockey.