Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NHL Preview: Atlantic Division

Congrats to the 2011 Boston Bruins now give the NHL the Cup back and let's do it over again. First game of the brand new season is around the corner, so I'll be giving you a division by division look at the teams. I am going to start with my favorite division in the NHL, Eastern Conference Atlantic Division. Some might wonder why I like this division. The reasons are the NYI and Martin Brodeur.

1. Pittsburgh Penguins: they are a very good team even without Crosby and Malkin who where both hurt lengthy periods of time last year. When and if they arrive in the new season healthy and ready to go, the Penguins are the team to beat in this division. When they are both on their A-games they could be considered the best two players in the Eastern Conference. If you add on players like Staal (who again was hurt last year) and Marc-Andre Fleury this teams possesses the ability to have a high GFA and a low GAA which usually means a very good playoff standing. Predictions: Win the division but that all depends on how healthy Crosby will be could go anywhere from 1st to 3rd in the division. (~100 pts)

2. Philadelphia Flyers: 2nd least favorite team in the NHL. Hate them and everything they stand for. They made a lot off season changes this year with a new goalie, getting rid of veteran players, in favor of young and excellent players. When looking at this team, this team big hopes relay on how healthy Pronger will be and if they can figure out their goalie situation which has been 2nd worst goalie situation in the league. I can see a high scoring team that limits goals against but only if the defense plays like a top ten defense in the league. If James van Riemsdyk plays excellent they will be a very good scoring team but that is a very hard thing to accomplish when you that team was 3rd in the league last year. Predictions: anywhere from 1st to 3rd will make the playoffs but dont see them as a number 1 seed. (~100 pts)

3. New York Rangers: LEAST FAVORITE TEAM IN THE NHL. I HATE THEM. They made the biggest addition this year in Brad Richards. Combine Richards and Gaborik equal possibly one of the best lines in the league, possibly. They will be in contention throughout the year for a division crown because of King Henrik. Best goalie in the division, can keep a team in the game long enough for scoring chances. If they can keep there GAA average around where they were last year (5th), and you add on better scoring chances they can certainly win this division. Prediction: 1st-3rd will make playoffs...still hate them. (95 pts)

4. New Jersey Devils: made a very strong playoff push last year after changing coaches and finally meshing well together. It hard to believe that this once awesome team wasnt as good last year. Still ranked in the top ten for GAA last year but horrible in GFA (30th). Only way to make the playoffs is to improve on Power Play and score more often on even strength. In goal, you have the incredible Martin Brodeur. He is the best goalie ever in my opinion. Can keep a team in the a game like Henrik but is getting older and it shows. Needs better protection in front of net on penalty killing. I like them as a dark horse in the league cause if the offense gets rolling could compete on every level. Prediction: Dark horse could be good enough to snag a spot in the playoffs. (90 pts)

5. NEW YORK ISLANDERS: favorite team in the league, been a faithful follower since I was little kid. This teams has what it takes to be a great team. Youth with veteran leadership with touch of too young to realize what they are doing to other teams. This team was one of the best teams on the ice last year from mid-February to the end of the season. Played excellent down the stretch, made a playoff stretch last year. They have mediocre special teams right around league average. They can score with legit scoring threats in every position on the 1st two lines. The ONLY problem this team has are 3 goalies via for 1 goalie position. Ricky D is my opinion is touch n go, Al Montoya could be the real deal and will probably get his chance, Nabokov is the intriguing one. He wants to play but not for the Islanders, he can be a top ten goalie. I see the Islanders use him often in the start and use him to shop him around and maybe get 1 veteran forward for him and young d-line men. The defense is lacking too but with Mark Steit coming back healthy maybe there is a hope in the 6 defensive men they select with at least 1 shutdown line. Prediction: can make a lot of noise with young players in Bailey, Nielsen, Tavares, Moulson, Grabner, and Oposko; I can definitely see a top 8 finish and a trip to the playoffs where if the goalie situation has a way to figure itself out, can make a lot of noise and scare some of the bigger teams. But realistic they just need to play consistent and they should make the playoffs. (85 pts)

As you can tell, I am a little bias for this division. I am predicting that all of them make the playoffs someway or another but it is the preseason everyone has the same record and they all could make the playoffs right now. I can seriously see all of them make it which leaves 1 open spot up for anyone else in the eastern conference (am including division winners). You all will have to see for final playoff predictions to really see if I am bias. 

MLB Playoff Races

As you all should know by now, there are many compelling MLB playoff races happening ranging from the AL Wild Card to who get the 2nd in the NL between the Brewers and 'Zona. Let me 1st say that if you are Red Sox fan, am sorry. You had this in the bag it is your fault you had to compete in all 162 games. I am going to say win and you dont have to worry, just win. Don't be a Yankee fan for the day (we don't want you). Put a big number up on the board early in the game against the O's and make the Johnny Damons and the David Prices of the world grip their bats and balls a little bit tighter and maybe lose against the Yankees. I still wont mind you in the playoffs because if you make it gives me more reason to argue for MLB realignment. I like Boston winning tonight but if you have to play a game tomorrow I don't know who you will pitch. Lester goes tonight on 3 days and Bedard threw last night, Wake is god awful, and Beckett isn't as good as we was in April and May, and Lackey sucks more because he cant be my his wife's side while she fights against cancer (thank you for whoever sent that text message the other day). Who are you going to pitch???
Tampa has a good probability to win tonight with David Price on the mound and all hands on deck. Yankees aren't going to play anyone special. So what I am saying is just win both teams, rather have this settled in a one game win all instead of Tampa overtakes you and probably seeing John Henry blow a gasket and firing Epstein and Terry, none of the blame should be on them, all blame on the players.

PS- at least a Boston collapse wont be that bad as this one

or this one.............


I am aiming for the last cause it might save your manager and GM a job.

The NL wild card race is very similar to the AL. The Braves had this locked up earlier this month but sat on their hands and now are in the same situation as the Cardinals. Let's get this straight, the Phillys will sit down all important players... Atlanta's game to lose and NL wild card to lose. Cardinals face a Astros team that sucks, Cards win. So we will see a win all game take place Thursday. Which leads me to like the Braves cause I think they have one of the best if not the best bullpin in the NL.

Lastly, who will win the 2nd position in the NL playoffs. Brew-Crew are 1 game up over the D-Backs with one to play. Both teams are loving the Cards right now cause they know they can win against each other have better chances in a 7 game set against the Phila. I like Brew-Crew winning tonight cause they are home and have the best home record.

AL MVP Predictions:
Justin Verlander.... don't need more to say, "most valuable player" in the AL

NL MVP Predictions:
Matt Kemp- stats wise Ryan Braun is better in certain circumstances but Kemp has the ability to be a 40/40 guy and had a chance to win the triple crown (AVG, RBIs, HR). To hard to believe in the modern MLB sports world.

AL CY Young:
Justin Verlander........ come on man

NL CY Young:
Roy Hallady, love the guy excellent pitcher, just plain dirt.

Manager of the Year:
Joe Maddon- competing to the wire with a tiny market team and no money against Boston, and Yankees. Great Job!

BU Hockey Recruiting Catch-Up

SO one may have noticed we've been a little lax lately in our coverage of all things BU hockey but with the season soon to be ramping up I thought I'd at least catch us up on some new recruits that the Terriers have inked lately, so here goes.

Most recently, Marshfield's Mike Moran has committed to become yet another member of BU's class of 2012, joining Marc Hetnik, Matthew O'Connor, Robert Polesello and Jarrid Privitera. He just finished his time at CT's the Taft School, where he captained the team and accumulated 23 points (10-13) as a forward. He'll play for Penticton in the BCHL next season.

Two other New England Players also recently committed to the Terriers this summer, both for the class of 2013. Sam Kurker, RW/C from Reading, MA is coming off a 37 point season (20-17) for St John's Prep . Depending on this upcoming season, there is a chance he may reclassify and show up on Comm Ave in 2012. He was rated a 'B' prospect in the NHL's most recent Draft futures list, in which other BU commits Brendan Collier (B grade), Danny O'Regan (B) and Robbie Baillargeon (A) were also featured.

Kevin Duane, BU's other commit of the summer, is a RW from Brunswick Prep who recieved a C grade on that same futures list. He will pass up a late selection in the QMJHL draft (BOO major junior hockey) and will finish his senior year before playing a year of juniors with Des Moines in the USHL. Last year he scored a total of 33 points (15-18) for Brunswick.

Getting so many New England recruits certainly bodes well for the future of the program as it is a rich region for finding young hockey talent, a pipeline that BC owes much of its recent success to (John Muse, Cam Atkinson, Jimmy Hayes, Brians Gibbons and Dumoulin, essentially their entire rosters the last few years). This may be key to BU returning to true yearly contention, not just a top-3 finish in HEA and a missed NCAA tourney.

And now for something completely different--goalie masks!

@Progoalie @BUAthletics Here's Anthony Moccia BU goalie mask for this season.  Painted on a Pro's Choice mask.  #BU
@TheGoalieGuild @BUAthletics Here's Kieran Millan BU goalie mask for this season.  Painted by Sylabrush  #BU
Courtesy of sylabrush. Not sure I love either, but I think Kieran's is an improvement over last year's.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Notre Dame to join Hockey East?

Notre Dame joining Hockey East never made much sense to me or that many people who could look at how unrealistic the logistics were with the added travel and odd number of teams if Notre Dame was added(11). Well it is becoming closer and closer to a reality as ND head coach Jeff Jackson said Monday that it was down to Hockey East and the newly former NCHC. Notre Dame and Bowling Green(who has until October 7th to join the WCHA) are the only schools who have failed to declare a conference affiliation for the 2013-2014 season. This has forced HE to hold off on beginning to make the schedule for the 2013-2014 season when it would already be in the works. Notre Dame seems destined to make a decision too so many are asking what will Hockey East do if it does add ND? There will then be 11 teams. Today, at the HE media day, the HE commissioner answered some of those questions. The commissioner said that if ND joins, then HE would be open to a 12th team. The early leaders for this spot would be RPI, Quinnipiac, and UCONN. RPI makes the most sense as they come from the ECAC and have been top of the conference for a good amount of time now. Quinnipiac also makes sense while UCONN would need to increase scholarships from 12 to 18 and upgrade their facility as well to appeal to Hockey East. We will see in the coming days how this unfolds at the end of conference realignment along with the validity of the rumors that Buffalo will go Division 1 once again(dropped in 1988). The rumor is fueled behind the idea that Bruins owner and Buffalo alum Jeremy Jacobs will fund the new team so I would say I am conservative at best about these odds.
Notre Dame would certainly bring alot to Hockey East and make it much easier for the conference to get TV deals and national exposure while also instantly creating rivalries with BC(the battle of the relevant catholic schools- sorry PC), BU and UNH(after thier NCAA tournament game last year in the regional final). I already hate ND in all other sports so if they join HE it will certainly get even more interesting around October trying to predict the winner of HE. That along with increasing the non-league schedule to 12 games from 7 will only help the teams throughout the country schedule the games everyone wants to see. (BU, BC vs North Dakota, Denver, Wisconsin etc)

Parker Names Assistant Captains for 2011-2012; Hockey East Coaches Poll

According to the Boston Hockey Blog twitter, junior forwards Alex Chiasson and Justin Courtnall have been named the two assistant captains for the upcoming campaign.  They join senior Chris Connolly (Captain) as the letter-wearing players for this season.

Chiasson, a Dallas Stars prospect, has put up 53 points (21g, 32a) in 70 games for BU.  Courtnall, who was selected in the 7th round of the 2007 draft by the Tampa Bay Lightning, has put up 6 points (3g, 3a) in 53 games for the Terriers.  While Chiasson is obviously the more proficient scorer, both have been praised by Coach Parker for their competitiveness and their desire to win.

In other hockey related news, BU was picked to finish second in Hockey East by the league coaches.  You can check out the press release here.  BC was picked to win the league, with BU, Maine, UNH and Merri-hack rounding out the top 5.

With all this hockey talk heating up, you know the season is just around the corner.  Be on the lookout for some predictions and previews as the season nears closer.

It's Been Such a Long Time...

It's been way too long boys and girls, but we're finally back in action.  The BSRS had a nice off season, but one can only play so much golf and Xbox before you start itching for hockey.  Luckily for us (and you), hockey season is just around the corner.

While we can't promise to give write ups for every game, we will certainly be updating this a few times a week regarding BU hockey as well as the Patriots, Bruins, and BU crew (just kidding, rowing isn't a sport).  What we can promise is that if another group of BC players decides to get drunk and t-bone the green line, we'll be the first to report it. Or maybe the second.  But definitely top 3.

With that said, keep checking back for a report on BU's first exhibition game, as well as our expert opinions on the outlook for the Terriers season (spoiler alert: we still think they are going to beat BC 3 out of 3 times).

It's good to be back...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pre-Season USCHO poll released(Read bulletin board material)

The preseason poll came out today and has four teams from Hockey East in the top 20. The Poll looks as follows
1. Notre Dame- strong team with lots of returnees from Frozen Four team last year
2. Miami(OH)- Have two great goalies and will carry the team this year
3. North Dakota
4. Denver
5. Newton University?- This is not a top 5 team in the country, but hey I'll let them think they are to start off the year
6. Michigan
7. Colorado College- I still love this team for embarrassing BC last year in the tounrny
8. Minnesota- Duluth- defending champs
9. Yale- still the most overrated team in the shittiest conference
10. BU -I have seen BU ranked everywhere from 2 to 10 now. I prefer the lower ranking to motivate the team and avoid any early season let-downs but I truly believe this team is better 10 but no better than 5. BC at 5 is a joke but like I said we'll let them say their prayers before every game and pretend they are better than they actually are
12. UNH- led by Frozen pizza goalie Matt DiGiorno
15. Merrihack- Dennehy has the goons led by Bigos ready for their second season of being relevant.
16. Maine- Coach Tim Whitehead knows if this team doesn't make the tournament, it will cost him his job

There will be more hockey to come in the next few weeks as BU and many other teams have exhibition games this coming weekend.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Patriots beat San Diego 35-21, improve to 2-0

The New England Patriots defeated the San Diego Chargers 35-21 behind a defense that gave up yards but caused 4 turnovers. The defense seems very similar to the squad at the end of last year that followed a "bend but not break" philosophy. They simply aren't going to give up a big play and hopefully force a turnover or mistake by the time the offense reaches the redzone. The Pats had two picks courtesy of Sergio Brown and 330lb Vince Wilfork who showed some athleticism picking off a screen pass. Mark Anderson and Jerod Mayo also caused fumbles and Tom Brady continue to use his second year tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez as they combined for three scores and Deion Branch is quickly becoming a favorite of Brady to go with Wes Welker. The Patriots continue the schedule next weekend with a 1 p.m. game at the surprising 2-0 Buffalo Bills.
Here are the winners and losers from this afternoon's game


Tom Brady- I would say 423 yds and 3 TD's is a pretty good day against one of the premier defenses in the AFC

Rob Gronkowski- Gronk had 2 more TD passes and 86 yards receiving

Deion Branch- The veteran wideout had 8 catches for 129 yards and seems to be Brady's go-to guy.

Mark Anderson- Anderson is quickly becoming a go-to pass rusher for this defense that so badly needs him to become one for them to be effective


Devin McCourty- Vincent Jackson went for 172 yards and two scores, most of which was on McCourty which just was another tough day to start the season for the second year corner out of Rutgers

Kyle Arrington- the other corner who got toasted by Jackson throughout the game today

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Real Season Begins

As you all should know by now, the Red Sox have a 3 game lead in the Wild Card over the Rays. Fans shouldnt be concerned. The Rays have to play the Yanks 7 more times in order to finish the season. I like the Soxs in this.
So predictions for the post season.

Yanks vs Rangers
Tigers vs Red Sox
Yankees vs Tigers, sorry Red Sox fans Verlander is too good in a 5game series to let me choose them to go to alcs

Phillies.vs Arizona
Brewers vs ATL
Zona vs ATL, i hate philly just cause they deserve to lose early on and just prove the point money cant win you everything everytime. And i hate front runners.

World Series
Yanks vs ATL

Verlander is good but not good enough against a team that has always given him fits. ATL has great bullpin to beat Zona. Rematch of the `99 WS and Ill take the Yanks in 6.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sources: Bruins, Marchand agree to two year deal

Bruins playoff hero and partying legend Brad Marchand has agreed to a two year, 5 million dollar deal with the club, according to sources. Marchand was a restricted free agent but had been at captain's practices with the club while negotiating as a restricted free agent. The deal pays the 23 year old Marchand 2 million this year and 3 million next which is quite a jump considering he just finished a three year 1.77 million dollar deal that he signed after he was drafted in 2007. Marchand, had 19 points in 25 playoff games to cap off a very solid rookie season and is now a legend in Boston with the pictures of him partying after the team won the Stanley Cup in June.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Congrats Wake on Win Numero 200

Congrats to Tim Wakefield for earning his 200th career win overall tonight as the Sox finally won a game 18-6 over the Blue Jays. This lengthens the Sox wild card lead to 4 and give everyone in New England a reason to breathe. Congrats to Wake though who will certainly go down as one of the best knuckleballers of all time. Wakefield all time stats now stand at 200-178, 4.43 ERA, 2141 Strikeouts and a 1.35 WHIP which are all very impressive considering he uses one pitch to get outs.

Pats win opener 38-24, Brady breaks Pats and MNF records

The Dolphins got out to an early 7-0 lead and acted like that won them the Superbowl. They were sadly mistaken as 517 passing yards later by Tom Brady the Patriots trounced Miami 38-24 in the season opener in South Florida last night. Brady went 32/48 4 TD's and an bad luck INT that bounced off a wide receiver. The Patriots offense took over and controlled the game in the second half after the game was tied 14- 14 early in the third after the pick. Danny Woodhead and Ben Jarvus Green Ellis combined for over 100 yards and Wes Welker had 2 TD's and over 160 yards receiving including a 99 yd TD pass from Brady in the 3rd. The Patriots defense certainly was not great as Chad Henne also had a big night passing but they did enough to win the game in a tough place to play in September. The Patriots had one large injury as starting center Dan Koppen went down with an ankle injury. Dan Connolly filled in perfectly but look for a more long term solution in the coming days as the game with San Diego, an elite AFC foe approaches. Here are some winners and losers from last night's game.


Tom Brady- Read above

Wes Welker- Read above

Rob Gronkowski- Gronk had a great opener hauling in a TD pass on his way to 86 yards receiving

Aaron Hernandez- the other second year TE wins the battle with Gronk on the stat sheet as he finishes with 7 catches for 106 yards and a TD


Dan Koppen-A broken ankle means it looks like he will be out for two months recovering and he still went to BC so just an overall bad night for the center.

Stephen Gostskowski- The kicker missed a 48 yarder badly to the right at the end of the first half. That is a kick he will have to make in the future.

Friday, September 2, 2011

What the Patriots' roster will look like by tomorrow at 4

With the mandatory NFL 53 man rosters going into effect by 4 pm tomorrow, the Patriots are forced to cut 27 guys from their current 80 man roster. They got started today cutting 8 players headlined by defensive lineman Darryl Richard and Brown grad WR Buddy Farnham, both practice team members last year and could easily land on the practice squad again if they clear waivers. From the remaining 72 players I am going to pick out the 53 I think will stick going from position to position. The players will be listed in order on my depth chart so the starter will be the first name then his backup...etc.

QB(3)- Tom Brady, Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett
- Hoyer beats out Mallett for the backup job based strictly on experience as the rookie had the better arm but still is learning the offense and how to play in the NFL.

RB(4)-Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis, Danny Woodhead, Shane Vereen, Stevan Ridley
- The tough cut here would be Sammy Morris who is nothing but a professional but especially after suffering a concussion in last night's preseason finale, seems unlikely to take up a roster spot. Expect veteran Kevin Faulk to be placed on PUP until week 7.

WR(6)- Wes Welker, Chad Ochocinco, Randy Moss, Julian Edelman, Taylor Price, Matthew Slater
- Curly's favorite player Brandon Tate is the odd man out here as his kick returner role is less important with the new rules preventing run backs 40% of the time. Slater out performed him as a receiver and is a big special teams player and received praise from Coach Belichick after the game. Oh yeah and that isn't a typo I am predicting Randy Moss to be with the Patriots team by opening day against the Dolphins. It was reported that Moss was playing golf at a local course in Bellingham, MA which borders Foxboro. When asked by fellow players what he was doing here, Moss responded " I'm here on business" . I'll give you a hint...he isn't here to help Bill O'Brien call the plays. In a suprising move, Belichick cuts Branch who has had a weak camp and brings in Moss.

TE(3)- Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Will Yeatman
- No surprises here as Yeatman beat out fifth round pick Lee Smith who could end up on injured reserve

OT(4)- Matt Light, Sebastian Vollmer, Nate Solder, Steve Maneri
- All the suspense here was gone as soon as Mark Levoir was cut

G/C(5)- Dan Koppen, Logan Mankins, Dan Connolly, Ryan Wendell, Andre Gurode
- Another prediction of an outside move as Rich Ohrnberger gets the axe and Gurode is brought in as is being reported. Should make for some interesting practices this year with Gurode's history with our model citizen fat Albert...


DT(5) - Vince Wilfork, Albert Haynesworth, Gerard Warren, Kyle Love, Myron Pryor
- No suspense here

DE(5)- Andre Carter, Shaun Ellis, Jermaine Cunningham, Mike Wright, Mark Anderson
- Anderson makes the team after showing what the can do in the beginning of the pre season before getting hurt. This leaves Eric Moore on the outside looking in but he certainly will find work elsewhere quickly

LB(6)- Jerod Mayo, Brandon Spikes, Gary Guyton, Dane Fletcher, Rob Ninkovich, Tracey White - White is a big special teams player while Ninkovich and Fletcher provide great depth while also contributing on special teams

CB(5)- Devin McCourty, Leigh Bodden, Kyle Arrington, Ras-I Dowling, Antwuan Molden-
- Claiming Molden on waivers was a nice way of saying that Darius Butler can't play as the fifth corner in this league. Look for him to catch on somewhere else and contribute

S(4)- Pat Chung, Brandon Meriweather, Sergio Brown, James Ihedigbo
- Josh Barrett is the surprise cut here as he may have started to see what he could do with the first team defense and I have to say i was not that impressed.

Special teams(3)-Stephen Gostkowski, Zoltan Mesko, James Dearth
- No surprises here after Matt Katula was cut as I predicted in my first run at this