Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015-2016 Pre-season Hockey LEast Awards

(Worst) Coach of the Year- Red Gendron(Maine)- Gendron is taking a very bad team that lost in the HE First round and taking away their best two players(Shore and Hutton) while adding a bunch of overage freshmen who don't seem ready to contribute right away. It could be a very very long year in Orono unless they get lucky with the freshmen class. The popular move right now is to hammer on UMass with their players getting arrested and them coming off a last place finish but they atleast can score some goals and I think that and some good freshmen D give them an edge over lowly Maine.

(Worst) Player of the Year- Kyle Huson(UConn)- Huson is just straight up not good. He recorded a good ole goosegg stat line(0-0-0) in 34 games last year. No goals no assists no talent. Boom roasted. Seriously though, if you play in 34 games, you should probably mix in an assist atleast.

(Worst) Rookie of the Year- Vincent Desharnais(PC)-This Quebec native defenseman arrives at Providence after a stellar 1-4-5 line in the BCHL. Based on last year's production from freshmen defensemen (only 7 of them) Desharnais is projected for a stellar 1.06 points this season. I could line up for the lowest scoring team in the league and put up 2 points on luck just throwing the puck at the net. Providence was third in the league last year so it will be even more embarrassing when Desharnais is involved in .813% of their goals this year. That's not good no matter how you play the game so don't give me the he is a defensive defensman BS. He is ranked by CSS as a potential late round draft pick which is most likely related to his 6'6" frame but I ain't buyin'. This kid is going to suck.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Guest Post from @BurntBoats: BC Misses Cavanaugh

Editor's note: You can follow/tweet at the author of this wonderful post on Twitter (@BurntBoats).  If you have any comments or disagreements with that he said feel free to tweet at him. If you're from North Dakota/Newton, you will probably bitch at us because your reading comprehension is lacking which is fine too because we agree with 100% of things that shed a negative light on BC Hockey/this post.

Hey again, internet pals, thanks to BSRS for continuing to let me, @BurntBoats, use their site to say things longer than 140 characters with guest posts. So let’s have at it:

If I were to walk up to a random BC hockey fan and tell them Mike “Cav” Cavanaugh is a very good college hockey coach, I would be met with thorough agreement. If I instead said it appears the Eagles program significantly misses “Cav” I would probably be told I was stupid, and then I would feel bad. Alas, I will try to fight on, and explain why I believe both of my above statements are true.

Taking a quick step back, your average college hockey program has a head coach, an associate head coach (which is a glorified title for top assistant coach) who focuses on either the defense or the forwards, an assistant coach who focuses on whichever of the previous positions the associate doesn’t, and a volunteer goalie coach. A quick look around the league and it appears to me that
10 of the 12 Hockey East schools have this format for their staff.

One of the two schools that differ from this is UML, which does not have a volunteer assistant position so the (young/virile) head coach has primary responsibility for the forwards and one assistant takes the defense while the other handles the goaltenders.

The other, as you may have guessed, is BC, but has only been in this situation recently. Until late spring 2013 BC had –remarkably – gone nearly a decade without a change in their staff, Jerry York was the head coach, associate “Cav” handled the forwards, assistant Greg Brown coached the defense, and volunteer assistant Jim Logue was in charge of the goalies.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hockey East Pre-season Predictions

Since Hockey East Media Day is approaching and everyone and their brother is releasing their Hockey East predictions, I figured I had to release mine as well. While making predictions before the season starts usually just leaves you open to look like an idiot, I'm actually smarter than everyone else since I correctly picked BU to win Hockey East last year(and I look like an idiot most of the time anyway). The coaches' poll will come out at media day next week as well and probably be dead wrong per usual (they picked BU to finish 6th last year). Then people wonder why Quinn has such an easy time getting guys on the recruiting trail. It's pretty easy to outsmart a bunch of guys who thought last year's Northeastern and UNH teams were better than BU.

1. BU- Easy choice once again. They are the deepest/best team in the country on defense. They return all 6 of last year's dmen and add a future first round pick in Charlie MacAvoy and a solid add in Shane Switzer. They return Ahti Oksanen and Danny O'Regan up front while adding two 2015 second round picks in Jordan Greenway and Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson. They also add Robert Carpenter and Ryan Cloonan up front where they should be able to contribute to the bottom 6 forwards right away. Connor Lacouvee and Sean Maguire are going to tweet weird things and stop pucks all season. That's what every fan should want in their goalies. No good goalies are normal. Freshman Max Prawdzik seems capable to push them for time if they struggle as well.

2. Lowell- They return basically same team from last year which just missed the NCAA's. They only lose two D from their lineup and no forwards who contributed at all. The problem would be that Kevin Boyle is still their goalie and his 5 hole will probably still be wide open anytime a guy gets to the net.