Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Jersey Devils vs. LA Kings: Stanley Cup Finals 2012

Just a quick post on who I like. I am taking the Devils in 6. Reasoning: I think Brodeur is not getting enough attention that he deserves and he has been playing well enough to win ans makes the big saves when needes. Devils, in my opinion, have better lines in overall ability. I concede the Kings can score on every line but the Devils seem to look better overall on both sides of the puck. Furthermore, to me home ice doesn't matter now, so I don't see it playing a factor especially when both teams have shown to road warriors and its the cup. I think the biggest factor is amount of rest the Kings have got and will continue to get until Game 1. They were the hottest team throughout the playoffs so far and Quick was like a volcano so I can only imagine that an extended period of rest could be harmful. This rest will help the Devils since sometimes this past series it looked like some of the players have nagging injuries that need some down time.

So recap: Kings have a slight advantage in goaltending cause Quick has been playing better than everyone since March but Brodeur has shown he still has a lil bit of his drive left in him. I honestly think the Devils have better overall ability on all the lines and it helps a ton for their forecheck which has been effective throughout the playoffs. Defensively, I think they cancel each other out. They both give other teams chances but they do that in order to give their players chances too. Devils in 6 but wouldn't be surprised to see it go 7.

Side Note: So as many of you might know I am Isles fan. SO RIGHT NOW fans are voting for the NHL13 Cover and an Islander, John Tavares is in the semis. I want him on the cover. I am just asking you all to go to the vote and give him the 10 votes/day limit.

Friday, May 11, 2012

MJ vs. Kobe vs. Lebron

So the BSRS crew has been slacking of late with me trying to do my thing, Quackquack graduating (probably always hammered too), George Washington helping Ubisoft with Assassin's Creed 3, Ray doing that school thing, and FelizMiguel being feliz. So I decided to bring up the debate between MJ, Kobe, & Lebron(Bum). 

So since Lebron won his 3rd MVP award in the last 4 years people are starting to claim he is the greatest ever, again. Well, that could be true in the long run (still is pretty young) I disagree on comparing these athletes equally. Usually, MJ and Kobe supporters cite the numerous rings (6/5) they have compared to Bron Bron. I agree that does play a factor in which to judge an athlete but not the only factor and/or the biggest factor and it hinders the fact that so many other great players don't have rings and we don't get on their case. For one, Lebron is still young enough to win 5 titles or more. Kobe could still win another. Whereas MJ continues to drive the Charlotte Bobcats into depression and destruction (sorry Kemba). Bring up this debate when they are old and not playing or Resting In Peace. 

Another reason on why not to compare them is that they all played somewhat different positions. Lebron came up as PG before he hit his finally growth spurt and became a SF/PF. Nowadays, Lebron is the Jack-of-all-trades similar to Magic Johnson where his stat line has PTs, Rebounds, Steals, Assists, & Blocks (Or the Big-O for our older readers, who was the only player in NBA history to average a triple-double in the NBA). Whereas Kobe and MJ played the SG position for large portions of their careers and focused on taking the brunt of the scoring and fair amount of ball movement (i.e. assists). Clearly, in the long run Lebron's numbers, if he stays healthy, will surpass many of Kobe and MJs stats in those categories.

Another reason why you can't judge one another is that each player has played in different eras.  For much of MJs career there was hand-checking and defenses were authorized to play very, very physical (i.e.- the Bad Boys from Detroit).  That obviously didn't help much since MJ still lit up the competition. Currently, hand checking & those type of defenses don't exist. So imagine if MJ still played today....WOW. I'll say it minimum of 40 pts/game. Now take Kobe, who is like the bridge that connects MJ & Lebron since he played in both eras. You didn't see him come into his 'Black Mamba' own until after: 1. MJ retired 2. the league shifted to a more offense puts fans into seats type of league (reason why it is the fastest growing sport in the world [Thank You China]). So, once the hand checking disappeared and Kobe could do whatever he wanted (i.e.- 81 pts vs. Toronto & 60 something against the Knicks at MSG). Finally, look at Lebron who grew up in the high offense type of league. I would say that PTs/game are somewhat inflated compared to MJ and Kobe is the medium of the two. 

The finally reason why people support who they support and I say this reason is loud of crap is the public perception of each player saying this one is nicer or cooler than the other. THEY ALL SUCK IN THE PUBLIC EYE. MJ retired because as most people can assume and agree on: HE WAS A GAMBLING ADDICTED AND RETIRED SO THE LEAGUE DIDN'T LOOK BAD BY THROWING HIS ASS OUT OF THE LEAGUE. KOBE WAS IN COURT UNDER RAPE CHARGES, RAPE CHARGES. COME ON!!!!!!!!! HIS WIFE FINALLY GOT SMART ON DIVORCED HIS ASS. LEBRON PROBABLY DID THE DUMBEST PUBLIC PERCEPTION THING AN ATHLETE CAN DO "AM TAKING MY TALENTS TO SOUTH BEACH." WOW, DON'T YOU THINK YOUR SHIT DON'T SMELL. YOU DON'T DO THAT. JUST LET ESPN REPORT IT ON SC OR SOMETHING. Am sorry none of these athletes are better off the court. 

In conclusion, I will say MJ>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kobe>>>Lebron. 

Oh Yeah Space Jam!!!!