Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hockey east has a rough weekend in out of conference play

Hockey East concluded the first weekend of hockey struggling against other conferences throughout the country. Yeah, yeah it is the first weekend but this is one of the few times teams play non conference games until the winter break in early jan. BC beat Northeastern 2-0 in conference blah blah BC is great. The more important headline from this game was Northeastern's goalie(Rawlins) making 33 saves on the choir boys. No big surprises in this game though as Northeastern struggled to score as they expect to all season. The lone bright note out of conference tonight was UNH beating Miami(OH) 6-3 which is a solid win to split the weekend with a good Miami squad. On the contrary, Maine, who beat Lowell 8-2 last night tied UCONN. Yes UCONN has hockey well kinda. They were 7-27-7 last year in the atlantic hockey league. How does that team tie Maine who is supposed to be #7 in the country and 2 in HE. Then Merrimack ties Niagra(12-20-7) 4-4, another atlantic hockey league foe. Merrimack is suppose to be like Jesus on skates this year. The Warrior Rink Rat freaks out on a daily basis over their frenchman Da Costa. To quote their blogger Mike McMahon " This is a good hockey team – a very good hockey team that should contend for home ice. I’ll be honest, I was really teetering on whether or not to pick them fourth. To be quite honest (and I’ll give you a little spoiler here), I think the Warriors are better than BU, who I have picked for fourth." Get used to that quote because it will be posted before every BU-Merrimack game to pump me up if nothing else. Yeah hey Mikey boy, do good hockey teams tie 12-20-7 teams in inferior leagues?...I think not. And your blog sucks...nice job jamming four teams into one post for your HE predictions that you started Labor Day weekend you fuck. I put all mine into one post and rant with no stats to back anything up and it is so much better than your " I love Merrimack. Da Costa is great" shit.
O.K. sorry for that. Rough day at the office but back to business... UMASS got swept by Minnesota which is no shocker but still looks like only BU has the only chance to come out with a winning record in non conference this weekend if they take care of Notre Dame tomorrow @4. UVM went 0-1-1 with a very good Denver team but a split would have been what they were looking for there.

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