Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moss had an 'outburst' Monday Night...leads to trade

More details are coming in this Randy Moss trade as everyone in the world bashes the hooded one for getting so little for Moss. According to player sources, Moss had a heated outburst at QB coach and offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien at halftime of the Dolphins game this Monday. Today the Patriots officially traded Moss for a third round draft pick in the 2011 draft. Many fans are in outrage as the Pats traded away their only deep threat in Moss with team's top corners moving down to cover Wes Welker every down now. As both former Patriots Tedy Bruschi and Troy Brown said, this is better for the team. Moss was a cancer in the lockeroom. From talking about his contract after a win to this outburst he was not being a good leader on a young team. There is a reason he was not named captain this season as he was in the past. This move causes guys to step up and come together as a receiving corps and a team. The team should follow the mold of the 2001,2003,2004 teams that won superbowls. Think about the teams that won those titles and the receivers on those teams: Troy Brown, Deion Branch, David Givens, David Patten, Jermaine Wiggins and so on. There was no Larry Fitzgerald or Jerry Rice guys there. The Pats best chance for success is to win the game as a team in all three phases of the game. As on Monday night, that leads to success through a complete team effort. Yes, the defense will struggle but you are not going to win the SuperBowl in shootouts with everyone. This trade will make the offense less dynamic but I don't think that is a bad thing. Brady forced the ball to Moss sometimes. Now Brady will only go deep when it is actually open. Moss being a cancer just made this move happen. No one wants to trade away a HOF in Moss but this is a young team who needs to come together after this trade and play like a team. The cancers from last year's team are now gone (Adalius Thomas and Moss). The Patriots now have 8 picks in the first four rounds this year. They will not draft with all those spots but they have value now.
I wish Moss all the best in Minnesota with Wrangler Jean hick Brett Favre. He will be the primary target there like he wants to be. He comes back to Foxboro on Halloween which should be quite a game for the media to play up. The Patriots will benefit in the long run from this trade and come together closer as a team. So hopefully this sells you to drink the Kool-Aid with me. Trading Moss was a good move. I want teams to put their best receivers on Welker. Then Woodhead, Edelman,Tate, Hernandez, Gronkowski, and Price will be wide open running up the seam. Moss' deep threat will be missed but his personality and him as a distraction will not.

No disrespect to fellow blogger Tiger just bringing out another perspective to this trade from a Pats fan view.

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