Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hockey East Pick Em Week 2

So last week there was 3 games and only 2 of us even made picks so the standings are going to be based on winning pct this year since it is highly unlikely all of us will make picks each week. We will do our best though. Here are the standings thus far and picks for week 2.

QQ(2-1-0) .6667
FM( 0-3-0) .0000
HatTrick Swayze(0-0-0)
Mister Worldwide(0-0-0)

Friday 10/12

UVM @ Lowell
Raymundo - UVM 3-1
QQ - Lowell 4-2. Not going to be as easy as Lowell fans think but Doug "Doogles" Carr is a force in net and is enough against the Highlanders from Vermont.
GW - Lowell 4-0.  Although UVM is gonna get taken to the woodshed, at least they'll be able to score some decent weed.
Hattrick SwayzeLowell 4-1- Battle of the awkwardly named mascots! The What'saCatamounts should still be trying to bake away the shame of being voted the Hockey LEast team at the bottom of the preseason poll. But after the Lowest get some big hits in, the Kittens will wake up and slip one by against the What'saRiverhawks.
FM - Lowell 5-1- Gonna be another rough year in Burlington
Mister WW- Lowell 4-2

Sacred Heart @ PC
RaymundoPC 2-0
QQ - PC 3-1 I'm high on PC this year. I think they will only improve from last year especially once Gillies gets comfortable.
GW- PC 4-1 Gillies let's in a softy in the first minute and then settles in.
Hattrick Swayze - 0-0 tie Possibly the least interesting HE game played this weekend. Here's my prediction of the gameplay:
FM - PC 4-3 Gillies may have some early hiccups but PC oughta be able to pull this one out
Mister WW- PC 3-1

UConn @ UMass
QQ - UMass 5-2. Welcome to Hockey East (in 2014) UConn. Coach Micheletto picks up the first W as a head coach.
GW - UMass 3-2. 
Hattrick SwayzeUConn  3-2- Gotta do what you're best at. While the Connecticut kids should stick to lacrosse and being rich, UMass should stick to riots and general Massholery.
FM - UMass 2-1 Bartus will keep UConn in the game against a mediocre UMass team
Mister WW- UMass 2-0

St. Cloud St @ UNH
RaymundoSCS 2-1
QQ - SCS 3-2. This series is going to split I think , and I think it takes UNH a game to find their way on offense.
GW - UNH 4-2 Because fuck you, that's why.
Hattrick Swayze - 3-3 tie UNH, feeling at home in the trailer park, puts up a good fight on the huge ice up there.
FM - SCS 4-2 Cats offense will need time to jell
Mister WWSCS 3-2

Notre Dame Vs. Maine ( Ice Breaker in KC, Missouri)
Raymundo -Maine 3-2
QQ - Notre Dame 4-2. I just don't see Maine and their young lineup winning this game against a more experienced and highly ranked Notre Dame squad. Diamond gets tossed again.
GW - Maine 3-1 Hockey East Over Everything.
Hattrick Swayze - Notre Dame 3-1 - Go Irish. They have a rich history and tradition of athletic excellence and while they'll expel you for getting laid, at least their houses don't have wheels. The power of Christ compels Joey Diamond to take even more penalties than usual.
FM - Notre Dame 5-3 Maine looked very bad this past weekend but will put up a few on sketchy ND netminding
Mister WW - Maine 4-3

Saturday 10/13

RaymundoBU 4-0
QQ - BU 5-2. Easiest pick of the weekend. Welcome to college hockey Jon Gillies. BU rolls.
GW - BU 7-0 I take back whatever I said about Gillies earlier. He sucks.
Hatrick Swayze - BU 3-1 Friars are sure to be fired up after getting treated like altar boys in last year's home and away in the spring (6-1 and 8-0) but the BU FNGs will have something more to prove and the president of PC will once again feel the urge to ask the Dog Pound and the Terriers to be nicer. It won't happen.
FM - BU 5-4- Rookie goalies will be shaky, leading to a goal rush for both squads.  Greater firepower wins out for BU
Mister WW - BU 3-2

RaymundoBC 3-0
QQ - BC 3-2. I think this one is a tight game. NU typically plays BC tough, especially in their own building. It pains me to pick BC but I have to here.
Hatrick Swayze- BC 5-1 -This one will be uglier than the lovechild of VinnySap and Lil' Milzy.
FM - BC 5-1 - Milner's Reunion tour will get of to a strong start against Vinny Saponari's awful new team
Mister WW - Tie 0-0 - they both suck why even give each team a goal.

Army/UNO vs Maine (Ice Breaker)
Raymundo - Army 1-0
QQ - Maine(over Army) 5-1 - Maine hockey is better than BC football and therefore is capable of beating Army. That is all
GW - Army/UNO 5-2. Didn't pick Maine in the first round. They'll at some point.
Hatrick Swayze - Maine 3-1(if army)/ UNO 4-2 if Maine/UNO
FM - Maine(over Army) 6-2 - Finally Maine will have an easily winnable game
Mister WW- Maine(over UNO) 3-0

St. Cloud St @ UNH
Raymundo - SCS 2-0
QQ - UNH 3-2. UNH salvages the split at home.
Hatrick Swayze - SCS 2-1 SCS bounces back on night two.
FM - UNH 3-2. Casey "I didn't come here to play school" DeSmith(editor's note: DeSmith later tweeted that he was poking fun at Ohio State football and takes his studies seriously) steals game two like a UConn basketball player with a laptop (FM's note: Since when are you an apologist for players on our HEA rivals, editor? )
Mister WW - UNH 3-1


  1. I think we need a poll on who will finish the first half of the year with a better winning %.