Thursday, November 1, 2012

Feliz Miguel's Cawlidge Hawke Power Rankings 10/31

Starting with Hockey East, where the story was the rich getting richer:
1. UNH (4-0-1, LW: 1)--Still undefeated, and Casey DeSmith looks like he'll avoid frozen pizza syndrome and keep pucks out of the net. NU is a good team, but inability to score in first road game of the year is concerning.

2. BU (3-1-0, LW: 2)--Solid tendy work by O'Connor will buy Parker and co. time to get forwards clicking and young blueliners more game-ready. This team will be better by March amd if they take 2 at the Ralph this weekend (I personally would be happy to see even a split) then the rest of HEA and college hockey as a whole should be very scared.

3. BC (4-1-0, LW: 3)--I'm still not sold on Lowell so I'm muting my praise of BC for last weekend; just taking care of business, and not much more.

4. Northeastern (2-2-1, LW: 5)--they can thank Bryan Mountain for this one. Looked good at the Whit, but shutting UNH down totally next day was almost more impressive. Looks like 4th will be best fight in HEA this year.

5. Providence (3-2-1, LW: 4)--Only because Maine looks like they couldn't even win the Super 8 this year (seriously, I think they'd be in last in the EJHL right now were they in that league). I'm still high on PC, plus they have a real easy schedule coming up.

6. Merrimack (2-3-1 LW: 9)--Got three really needed ponies against an underrated UVM team. Still need to keep building momentum but showed determination in keeping the season afloat. Still--both games were a little close for comfort given that they were at home.

7. Lowell (1-3-1, LW: 8)--Looked good on Friday, less so on Sunday. Still look to me like a team that will settle into the 6-9 spots fighting with MC, UVM and Amherst. Talent is there to make a run at top 3 though, starting with two against Maine.

8.  UMass (1-3-0, LW: 6)--Actually didn't look awful against BU.  Will be interesting to see Coach Micheletto and former mentor Kevin Sneddon fight it out for the last HEA playoff spot.

9. Vermont (0-1-2, LW: 7)--Tough break to go winless for the weekend at Merrimack, but stealing a point in the tie is a definite plus.  Real great opportunity to prove themselves against Providence if they can pull it off--but that's a big question mark given how great the Friars look.

10. Maine (1-6-0, LW: 10)--No words for how bad Maine looks this year.  Terrible timing to get UNH and BC this weekend.  A sweep and you can stick a fork in the Black Bears, they're done.

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