Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hockey East Pick 'EM Week 5

Here are the updated ranking through 4 weekends and I still am in the lead. This is surprising to no one but everyone is atleast floating .500 besides GW who is...well just not good.  His steadfast refusal to pick BC is something to be admired by all of us though.  Also, we have to give a big shout out to MWW who made his picks with the limited cell service he has down on Long Island due to Hurricane Sandy. Kid is a trooper.

QQ 21-11 (.656) Last 7-3
FM 20-12  (.625) Last 7-3
HS  18-11 (.621) Last 8-2
Raymundo 16-13 (.552) Last 7-3
MWW 15-14 (.517) Last 6-4
GW 11-18(.380) Last 4-6

Week 5
Friday 11/02

BC @ Maine

QQ- BC 6-1- Maine just sucks so hard. I want to pick them here. They should beat BC at home, especially the way they swept BC up here last year but I just don't see it happening.
FM- BC 7-1-Maine this year is literally the worst HEA squad I've ever seen
HS- BC 4-0 - Train wreck
Raymundo- BC
GW- Maine 5-1 Maine gets off the schneid and Gaudreaubitch is nowhere to be found.

Merrimack @ NU

QQ- NU 3-2- I think this a close game with both goalies playing well but NU sneaks it out at home.
FM-NU 4-3-This game will help to clarify the middle of the HEA standings
HS- NU 3-1- NU is solid this year
MWW- Merrimack
GW- NU 4-3 - Bryan Mountain *clap clap clapclapclap*

UNH @ UMass

QQ- UMass 4-3- They just need this win so bad that they have to get it. UNH will look forward to Maine and drop one on the road.
FM-UNH 2- 1-DeSmith steals one as Wildcats still struggle to score on the road
HS- UNH 4-0. If you can't get into the trailer park go to State. 4-0 UNH, who has an easy weekend planned.
Raymundo- UNH
GW- 5-2 UNH - Wildcats suck less than UMass sucks


QQ- PC 4-3- I'm a big believer in PC so I'll take them here but sweeping UVM in Burlington is never easy.
FM-PC 3-1--Gillies and O'Connor are making frosh goaltending the story of the year in HEA
HS PC 3-1. Friars touch the catmounters in their no-no places.
Ray- PC
GW- 4-3 PC - Still riding that Gillies train

BU @ North Dakota

QQ- BU 6-2- The Ralph may be a tough place to play but Ralph Engelstad was a Nazi/held Nazi beliefs so we can't lose there. 'Murica!
FM-BU 4-3--The Ralph is a tough place to play, but BU will be amped up and ready on Friday.
HS- BU 4-3  big series, big test on the long road trip for a young team. BU's talented freshmen class feeds off the composure of older players to have a big weekend
Ray BU 36-0
GW-BU 6-1- No fight in the sioux. Er, whatever they're called now.

Saturday 11/03


QQ- tie 2-2- I think PC gets 3 points but not all 4. UVM tied on the road at Merrimack. They can tie at home versus PC.
FM-PC 4- 3--tough to take two on the road but PC is talented enough to take the sweep
HS- PC 2-1 OT
Ray- PC
GW- 6-0 PC - I mean, Vermont sucks.

NU @ Merrimack

QQ- Mack 3-2- This team just has NU's number and their is no way they get swept so I'm taking the split here.
FM-Mack 5-2--goalie situation is still in flux for the Huskies, making it more difficult to pick up wins on the road
HS- Merrihack 3-2- the Hacks get fed up with losing, hack and slash their way to a victory at home under poor zebra supervision
Ray - Merrihack
GW- N' Eastern 5-3 - Sweep city


QQ- BU 4-3(OT)-  Ben Rosen scores the game winner in "the house that a nazi built". Words of a Minnesota fan,  not my own.
FM- ND 5-2--NoDak is a tough team to beat twice in a row and if Maguire gets the start he'll face an even more hostile crowd than at New Hampshire. (Editor's note: FM is a traitor!He will now be referred to as Benedict Arnold)
HS-  BU 3-2 OT - it'll be a tough weekend. Hopefully Maguire comes into his own and BU plays with more confidence. Scratch and claw one out in game 2 with some greasy goals from the Hero From Canton
Ray- BU 41-0
GW-BU 4-2 - NoDak has to suspend half their roster after they get midwest wasted following Friday's loss.

Sunday 11/4

UMass @ BC

QQ- BC 5-3- UMass just can't get over the hump against these guys.
BA- BC 6-2-the Eagles will exploit bad Minutemen goaltending
HS-UMass 3-1- the revenge of Frank Vatrano, despite the fact that he won't be playing until next year.
Ray- BC
GW-UMass 4-2 - I choose...NOT TO PICK BC

UNH @ Maine

QQ- UNH 4-1- UNH rebounds from a tough Friday loss and destroys Maine as they should.
BA-UNH 3-0-great chance for Wildcats to get past road scoring woes against the Portland Jr. Pirates...err I mean UMaine
HS- 4-1 UNH- So. Much. Incest
Ray- Maine - cause fuck UNH
GW-UNH 3-1  I mean, who am I kidding. Maine sucks.

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