Friday, December 14, 2012

First half review- Forwards

Now that the first half of the season is over and the Terriers sit at 10-5-0(8-4-0) , it is a good time to look back at individual player's first halves. For reference last season, BU finished the first half at 10-5-1. Obviously, two very different teams but similar results. This year's team is much younger and have more reason to be excited for the second half of the season as the underclassmen develop and execute even better. Here is the review of each forward still on the roster.

1. Cason Hohmann (4-12-16, 15 GP) "Texas Toast" has had a hell of a first half for the Terriers. He has been noted by Coach Parker on numerous occasions as a guy who needed to make a jump this year for the team to succeed. He certainly has met that challenge. He leads the team in points and has doubled his point total from last season(35 games played). He is the top line center and has been producing all season.  He is usually the fastest guy on the ice when he is out there but that might only because Nieto plays on a different line. That is a race I would love to see.

2. Wade Megan(9-6-15, 15 GP)- The Captain from Canton, NY leads the team in goals in the first half and they have come in a variety of ways. He sniped against his hometown St. Lawrence Saints and he had one of the greasiest goals of all time against UNH. The team is 9-2-0 when he records a point and 8-1-0 when he scores a goal. He is obviously a big part of this offense and on pace to do even better than his 20-9-29 line in 39 games last year.

3. Danny O'Regan (5-6-11, 15 GP)- The freshman from Needhman, MA and St. Sebastian's stepped in right away and contributed for BU. He has been the second line center all season and has done it very well. The Sharks' fifth round pick has been responsible on both ends of the ice and has scored some big goals for this team in the first half. Specifically, I am talking about the final goal against UND to finish the game and put it out of reach. He has a great ability to set up in front of the goalie and put pucks away. Very Jason Lawrence-like in that aspect.

4. Evan Rodrigues (3-7-10, 15 GP)- ERod is another sophomore who has made a big jump from his freshman year. He is two points shy of his total of 12 from last year and has already eclipsed his goal total from last season. He had trouble finding the net at the beginning of the year before breaking through against Merrimack on 09(maybe twice but the first was waved off on a close call). He scored in both games of the BC home and home which is always a quick way to win the fans over. His snipe on Milner was the shot of the first half in my opinion. He has been a solid right wing whether that be on the first or second line.  I would expect more of the same in the second half now that the flood gates have opened on the goal for him.

5. Matt Nieto (3-6-9, 15 GP)- At first glance, Nieto's numbers might be disappointing compared to his 16-26-42 line from last year but he just hasn't been getting some bounces so far. He has still been working and skating hard as Coach Parker pointed out last week. I would expect a huge second half for Nieto especially against some lesser teams on the schedule that have no chance of sticking with him on the ice. I still want to see this Hohmann Nieto race though.

6. Sahir Gill(2-4-6, 15 GP) -Gill is similar to Nieto in that he had a slow start in the first half. He has picked up the play as of late and is playing on the first line because of that. He is another guy that is going to have a huge second half. The Terrace,BC native is a great play maker that should do big things in the second half. He had a hat-trick in the BU alumini game and was the game's BSRS first star of the game. There really isn't a bigger honor.

7. Sam Kurker (2-0-2,11 GP)- Kurker had a rough transition to the college game at first and sat some early games as a result. He has come into his own as of late including his first goal against St. Lawrence and his second on a knuckle-puck shot against UNH. He has come into his own on that third line and should only get better as the year progresses.

8. Ben Rosen (2-0-2, 14GP)- Rosen should have 3 goals as the refs took away his empty netter against BC because they can't count. Rosen has had a solid first half centering the fourth line and putting a few in the net as well. His highlight of the first half has to be coming back from an ugly head shot against St .Lawrence to score a greasy goal and seal the game for the Terriers. He is a grinder and always fun to watch.

9. Matt Lane (1-1-2, 13 GP)- Lane has shown spurts of being able to put the puck in the net but has struggled to score at times as well. He always is giving 100% out there which is what you ask from freshmen. He is currently on the fourth line with Rosen and Santana and filling his role well. As soon as he gets scoring, he is going to be tough to stop. His goal against North Dakota was an absolute snipe that the goalie had no chance on. I wouldn't be surprised to see him play on the third line in the second half as he has that scoring potential.

10. Wes Myron (1-1-2, 15 GP)-  Myron is another freshman who is working hard and playing responsible two way hockey right now. The scoring will come with time but he should keep battling out there and he will see the results such as his +2 +/-. He is good big forward for this team and is key to the second half.

11. Ryan Santana(0-2-2, 15 GP)- Santana has done exactly what you would expect in the first half. He has had a couple close calls offensively but has done his job on the fourth line with Rosen and Lane/Moran.

12. Mike Moran(0-0-0, 9GP)- Moran has worked his way onto the third line due to his solid play as of late. He also has had some close calls on getting that first collegiate point. He should continue to see ice time and mix in a few points over the second half of the year. He will benefit from playing on a line with Myron and Kurker who both have been improving over the course of the season.

13. Jake Moscatel-Mosky hasn't seen time yet but he is hilarious on twitter and scored in the BU alumni game. I think all the fans would love it if he got some ice time in the second half.

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