Friday, December 14, 2012

Mini Weekly Pick'EM

So I suck and forgot to add in the two more games before winter/Christmas/Hannukah/ holiday/ Kwanzaa break so here they are and the updated standings. We will be back at it the week of Christmas(and Kwanzaa) for the full weekend of games on 12/28 and 12/29.

QQ- 57-39(.593) 6-5
FM- 56-40- (.583) 5-6
MWW- 49-44(.527)  3-8
HS- 49-44 (.527) 6-5
Ray - 25-24 (.510) N/A
GW - 26-44 (.371) 5-6

Sat 12/15

UVM @ St. Lawrence

QQ- SLU 3-2- SLU's top line and goalie will win this game by themselves because UVM is too incompetent to figure out SLU's top line is really good.
MWW-SLU 4-1- UVM players are too high to focus
FM--SLU 4-2
HS- SLU 4-1

Thursday 12/20


QQ- UVM 3-2- No Jon Gillies for PC due to the WJC which could very easily cost them this game. Russ Stein is the only other goalie to play this year and he allowed 2 goals in one period to Sacred Heart so yeahhh. I'm going with UVM
 MWW- PC 3-0- Prov could be the 4th best team in Hockey East. And they keep proving it
 FM--PC 4-3
HS- PC 3-2 Rough weekend for Vermont. PC is good enough to beat em without Gillies.

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