Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hockey East Pick Em

It's that time of year where we all embarrass ourselves making picks for each Hockey East regular season game. MWW is the defending champ as he took down the title in the HE QF series last year.
Anyway here is the first week of our picks.

Thursday 10/10

#4 BC @ #11 Michigan

QQ- Michigan 4-3- Too much returning talent for the Wolverines, especially at home. I don't read much into their exhibition game loss this past week. BC will be starting a freshman goalie along with many others in the lineup. I expect some early struggles for consistency.
MWW-Michigan 3-1- See I cannot waste my good material this early in the season. Sometimes you need the foresight when and when not use the material. You cannot be blinded by the light of future chances.
GW-Michigan 4-1
HTS- Michigan 5-2 BC sucks. We all know it. They think because they watched Parker and Gears raise a filthy freshman goaltending tandem that they can start a kid named Thatcher and expect the same level of play. Yeah right. Expect Jerry to be blindsided to the tune of a 5-goal night for our new favorite sieve.

Friday 10/11

UMass @ #19 BU

QQ- BU 4-2- This will be a tight one until the very end. I think BU seals it late with an empty netter.
MWW- BU 4-1- First hockey east game of the season. Cannot afford to lose easy points
GW-BU 5-2

Clarkson vs #13 UNH(@Minnesota)

QQ- UNH 4-3- It is a UNH game and it is the first half of the season so I expect a win from Dick Umile's squad in this one. He might go down as the best college hockey coach to never win anything of importance.
MWW-UNH 4-1-  UNH is a wise pick in my opinion. They always come out of the gates and suck when it counts. It will happen again this year.
GW-UNH 4-1

Alabama-Huntsville @ NU

QQ- NU 3-2- NU may be real bad again this year but they should still take care of Huntsville at home. Should is the key word in that statement.
GW-UAH 3-2

#11 Minnesota St @ #14 PC

QQ- MSU 3-2- This is going to be a hell of a series for sure. Split all over it. I think the Mavericks grab the first game in the renovated Schneider Arena.
MWW-MSU 3-1- Gillies needs to warm up and I see PC losing this game
GW-PC 5-4

Maine @ St. Lawrence

QQ- SLU 3-1- Don't know shit about either team really. Tough task for Maine to go on the road with a new coach and win their first game though.
MWW- Maine 3-2- Al Pacino!
GW-Maine 3-1

Sacred Heart @ #1 Lowell

QQ- Lowell 5-0- Bobby Valentine is the AD at Sacred Heart. That is all. Lowell rolls.
MWW- LOL 4-2-  LOL is the team to beat. Can't see them losing this one
GW-Lowell 5-1

#18 Western Michigan @ #8 Notre Dame

QQ- Notre Dame 4-3- Jeff Jackson's team starts the year off with a tight win over the Broncos of WMU.
MWW-Notre Dame 3-2- Michael Kay
GW- Notre Dame 6-2

Vermont @ #7 North Dakota

QQ- North Dakota 7-1- I don't know why UVM scheduled this trip but it is not going to be a confidence booster to start off the season. They are already banged up with Kyle Reynolds, Brady Hoffman, and McCarthy fighting injuries early in the year. There is going to be a lot of Chelsea Dagger and fireworks going off at the Ralph this weekend.
MWW- North Dakota 3-2- Worst.Dakota.Ever.
GW- North Dakota 3-1

Merrimack @ #17 Denver

QQ- Denver 5-2- I think Merrimack has a chance in one of these games as Jim Montgomery gets his team in order just not this one.
MWW- Merrimack 3-2-ehhh, fuck it. Mack wins
GW- Denver 4-2

Saturday 10/12

Holy Cross @ #19 BU

QQ- BU 4-1-  I don't think Quinn will have any trouble motivating the team after what happened two years ago in a 6-4 Holy Cross win at Agganis.
MWW- BU 5-0- Go BU
GW- BU 7-1

Mercyhurst/#5Minn vs #13 UNH(@Minnesota)

QQ- Minnesota 4-3, UNH 3-1- UNH is good enough to beat Mercyhurst but will lose to Minnesota, who is hosting if that's who they get in the second round of the IceBreaker.
MWW- Minnesota 3-2- Let's be real. Hurst isn't going to beat Minni. So Minni vs UNH and Minni is the pick
GW UNH 3-1


QQ- NU 2-1- Close game but NU pulls it out again from UAH who is in its first season in the WCHA and under a new head coach.
GW- NU 4-2

Maine @ St. Lawrence

QQ- Maine 3-2- I'll bite and take Maine to split here
MWW- Maine 3-2
GW- Maine 3-2

#11 Minnesota St. @ #14 PC

QQ- PC 3-1- It's not a matter of if this series splits, its a matter of guessing the correct order of it.
MWW-PC 3-1-Prov and Gillies rebounds
GW- PC 5-4

#8 Notre Dame @ #18 Western Michigan

QQ- WMU 4-2- Home ice rules in this home and home
MWW- Notre Dame 3-2
GW- WMU 2-1

Vermont @ #8 North Dakota

QQ- North Dakota 4-1- Numerous times this weekend, Coach Sneddon will wonder why the hell he is in North Dakota.The place that makes Burlington,VT seem like a big city.
MWW- North Dakota 3-1
GW- North Dakota 5-1

Merrimack @ #17 Denver

QQ- Denver 2-1- Close call for Merrimack early in the season but they don't have the fire power just yet.
MWW-Denver 4-1
GW-Denver 3-2

UMass @ #1 Lowell

QQ- Lowell 4-2- Tough opening weekend for the zoo
GW-Lowell 3-2

Sunday 10/13

#15 RPI @ #4 BC

QQ- RPI 3-2- RPI sneaks one out on the overrated Eagles
MWW- RPI infinity-1
GW- BC 3-1

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