Monday, January 5, 2015

Weekend Recap BU ties Union without Eichel

BU battled to a 3-3 tie with defending champion Union college on Saturday night at Agganis Arena. BU was without the service of freshman phenom Jack Eichel was given the day to rest after returning from World Juniors earlier in the weekend. The rust was evident defensively as the three goals was the most BU has given up since 11/25 and only the 4th time all season that they have allowed more than two goals. BU got goals from AJ Greer, Nikols Olsson and Evan Rodrigues in the tie but special teams let them down as they were only 1/7 on the powerplay while also allowing a shorthanded and powerplay goal. The shorthanded goal is definitely one goalie Matt O'Connor would want back as Daniel Campini did not even get a shot off but the puck slid 5 hole.  Rodrigues' powerplay goal tied the game with under 4 minutes remaining and was crucial for BU in getting the out of conference tie.  The Terriers return to action next weekend against 2-11-1 Wisconsin.

I couldn't agree more with the decision from Coach Quinn to rest Eichel after his return from World Juniors. Eichel had played 4 games in the last 7 days on an international stage so while other schools rush their guys back *cough BC cough, Quinn definitely did what was best for Eichel and the team long term.

There was some chatter on twitter after the game about how the ECAC is a stronger conference than Hockey East this year because 2 of BU's 3 losses this season have come to ECAC teams while some of the top ECAC teams have not lost that many games in conference yet. It's just another attempt by ECAC fans to make the "we're good too" argument to Hockey East aka their big brother. The facts fly in the face of this argument throughout history (12 national championships from current HE schools to 7 for current ECAC schools) and this season. In 2014, Hockey East teams have a .569 winning percentage out of league while ECAC teams have a .505 winning percentage. Strength of schedule also favors Hockey East as they hold a .5147 to a .5121 advantage in this category as well. The ECAC may have the last two national champions and the league is improving but let's stop pretending it's in the same league as Hockey East because it's not.  Harvard and Quinnpiac have been good teams thus far this year but overall the conference is not on the same level as Hockey East and Union tying a BU team without their best player doesn't change that.

This Week in #DISRES9ECT

- First there was "news" coming out of Canada that Jack Eichel would leave BU to go play for the used car salesmen in the CHL. It may have been baseless and completely wrong but that won't stop a Canadian "reporter" from making stuff to benefit themselves. It really doesn't get much more #DISRES9ECTFUL than making up lies because you are jealous of all the young American talent developing as of late.

In conclusion, Canada is full of idiots. Eichel is better than McDavid. That's why you were making up false rumors about him going to a Canadian junior league. You don't see any college hockey fans making up rumors about McDavid going anywhere ...

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