Thursday, June 23, 2016

NHL Draft Preview

The best offseason weekend of the year in college/professional hockey is approaching with the NHL draft taking place this Friday and Saturday in Buffalo, NY.  BU will likely have four first round picks in this year's draft with 1-3 others taken in later rounds. The four first round draft picks will be sure to be the buzz of the draft as it will most likely be the most from any NCAA or CHL team and because #BUtwitter is going to be lit. London and Winsdor(back off Keller please) each look like they could have 2-3 guys go in the first as well but nobody will touch the 4 BU is going to have and no other college program will have more than one. The job Quinn has done on the recruiting trail over the last three years has been unreal to say the least. Friday night is a night to enjoy it and make fun of all the other peasant college and junior teams with less than 4 first round picks(hint that's all of them).

Projected Draft Rankings
1. Clayton Keller- Top 10
2. Kieffer Bellows- Top 15
3. Charlie McAvoy- Top 15
4. Dante Fabbro- First round
5. Chad Krys- 2-3 round
6. Johnny McDermott- 4-7th round

Here are a few mock drafts(TSN- Craig Button, Draftsite) so people know what to expect Friday night.  Official DrunkCast Drinking Game rules after the jump!

Official Hockey East NHL Draft Drinking Rules(Joint Compilation from BSRS, @BurntBoats, @Bartrhett)
If a player from each school is drafted, complete the drinking challenge associated with that school

1. BU- Finish your drink/ shotgun a beer
2. BC- Drink a glass of dessert wine because if that happens it won't be until the end of the draft(Woll doesn't count since he is going to the O). Coach Parker liked that one.

3.  Lowell- Decide what beer you want, wait two years and then drink it once its overaged/skunked
4. PC- Take a drink and then complain that someone else's drinking technique was  "as bad as you have seen"

5. UMass- Make no attempt to stop anyone from taking a shot
6. Merrimack- Take as many shots as you can #Corsi
7. NU- Take a nice beer then put it back and drink a shitty beer
8. Notre Damego get a beer in a different room, but complain that it is farther away than the beers already in the living room
9. UConn- take one drink but tell everyone you had the most drinks in all of Hockey East
10. Maine- Drink a Stroh’s since it was popular in the 90’s but barely exists now
11. UNH- Fail at throwing a goldfish on the floor then take a drink(h/t to Mike Davis)
12. UVM- take a drink and then kick someone off the couch that you invited there last year for someone who isn’t any better this year

Last year's rules for reference. We will be tweeting throughout the first round(most likely pictures of our empties) so please join in and use the #DrunkcastDraft hashtag

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