Friday, June 22, 2018

NHL Draft Drinking Game: College Hockey Edition

The NHL Draft aka my favorite weekend of the summer(I'm a loser) kicks off this weekend in Dallas, Texas. There will most likely be 3-4 current or incoming BU prospects drafted. Rising sophomore Brady Tkachuk(top 5) along with incoming freshmen Joel Farabee(1st), Jake Wise(late 1st-3rd), and Jack DeBoer(late rounds) all look to have their named called this weekend.  The first round takes place tonight with rounds 2-7 taking place tomorrow beginning at 11am which is great for all of us but sucks for the first pick of the second round as the atmosphere goes from late on Friday night in front of a packed house to your immediate family and the representatives from each of the teams. For more information on the draft I suggest going to a knowledgeable blog. For a great NHL draft drinking game, please read on.

Now on to why you clicked on this post to begin with

The Official #BUTwitter NHL Draft Drinking Game

If a player from each school is drafted, complete the drinking challenge associated with that school

1. BU- Finish your drink/ shotgun a beer. Take a drink everytime one of the three NHL headcoaches(Quinn,Hynes, Sullivan) from BU are mentioned

2. BC- Drink for each player that is drafted after previously committing to BC but later decommitting. Drink rum for each BC draft pick so you can be a pirate like Jerry York.

3.  Lowell- Decide what beer you want, wait two years and then drink it once its overaged/skunked while putting your arm up for an offsides that didn't happen like a true Lowell fan

4. PC- Take a drink and then take the first available NHL head coaching job next summer

5. UMass- Eat some ice cream cake(preferably Carvel) as a chaser to whatever you are drinking

6. Merrimack- Drive to Fuddruckers and buy a burger. Thankfully Merrimack won’t have any picks this year so they prevent us from drinking and driving

7. NU- Take a nice beer then put it back(decommit from it) and drink a shitty beer

8. UConn- take one drink but tell everyone you had the most drinks of everyone in Hockey East

9. Maine- Drink a Stroh’s since it was popular in the 90’s but barely exists now

10. UNH- Fail at throwing a goldfish on the floor then take a drink

11. UVM- take a drink and then kick someone off the couch that you invited there last year for someone who isn’t any better this year

12. Union- Offer your drink to the person next you for a buyout of 2 times its actual worth

13. North Dakota- Take a drink and have someone record you. Then watch the video over 10 times before determining that you must continue to drink #reviewforever

14. Minnesota- Take a drink or scream #gopherkyourself at whoever is nearest you

15. Denver- Play LMFAO “shots” while you take a drink

16. Bode Wilde/Oliver Wahlstrom- When Bode Wilde and Oliver Wahlstrom gets drafted , text two of your ex's and say you just got a promotion 

17. Cornell- Take a drink and then lose to a BU grad in something

Any ruling clarifications can be tweeted to @BurntBoats, @Bartrhett, and @BSRS_Blog

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