Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2013 Hatredmeter

This is the 2013 version of the Hatredmeter for each team in the conference. I would do non-conference teams as well but that would take all day thanks to certain schools(looking at you NoDak)

This post is going to focus on which teams I hate most in the conference and why. To clarify, I hate them all but it's fun to rank them accordingly. This may differ for other BU fans and probably will even with my fellow bloggers(Feliz Miguel loves UNH which is quite unfortunate, Hatrick Swayze loves Notre Dame football for some unknown reason) but that's why we have the comment function. However, my guess is that all BU hockey  fans will agree on who is going to come out of this list at #1.

*Notre Dame is being added to conference this season so there are now 10 teams to hate instead of just 9.

10th most hated team(or least hated team in the conference)- UMass- This was a fairly easy decision for me. Their fans may flip me off and yell at me when I'm in Mullins but I fully expect that and respect that from opposing fans. Former coach Toot Cahoon was a BU guy who coached and played for the Terriers. Also former Terrier captain Joe Pereira's younger brother Mike plays for the Minutemen.  Please don't mistake this for me being a fan of their program. Their program is a joke and all their fans leave as soon as the team goes down a goal. They will celebrate like they won the national championship when they beat BU in the regular season because quite frankly, that is as close as they will get. UMass being ranked least hated is basically just admitting that someone has to come in 2nd to BU in the conference this year and if I had to pick, it would be UMass. The really only negative are those jokes from Fight Mass. Last year's ranking- 9

9th UVM-The Catamounts come in 9th this year moving down a spot past PC. This is really due to their record and the fact that they suck. They still can't get by without some hate since Robert Polsello(BU decommitt) is still a fraud and playing top 6 minutes for them. He also was a -16 last year and made the Hockey Least team so he is a fun guy to hate. Good job Robert! Besides Polsello, this team is tough to hate because they are so bad and their fans are so funny. I can't recommend a trip up to the Gutt enough for any college hockey fan. You may get mooned and yelled at but it's hilarious the entire time. Last year 7

8th- PC- This a team that is going to be a legitimate competitor this year again but I still don't hate them that much. They don't draw well at home despite their success and Nate Leaman had the best interaction with a coach with a referee all of last year besides Parker. At the second PC game at Agganis, the referees came over to explain a call to him and Leaman's response was" get out of my face" and he wouldn't listen to them explain it. I enjoyed that thoroughly. They did take a cheap shot at ERod when they sent him into the board and almost ended his season. For that reason, they are now more hated than UVM. Last year- 8

7th- Merrimack- Merrimack was probably top 3 on my list for a time in late 2010. That was peak Kyle Bigos time when the big dman would take cheap shots at opposing players. Since then, the hate level has decreased. This might have something to do with BU taking all 5 games against Merrimack last year. It is also going to be tougher to hate them with Bigos gone but we will find something I'm sure. Still don't like their BC alum coach Mark Dennehy and their 21 year old freshmen recruiting classes. Last-4

6th- Maine- Maine moves down the list this year passing Lowell down to number 7. The new coaching staff really doesn't impact this as it was tough to hate former coach Tim Whitehead since he was an incompetent fool. I expect the program to improve under the new coaching staff but until that happens it going to be tough to hate them as much as the glory days of the 90's. Last-5

5th- Notre Dame- This is the new team to the conference and already a rival of BC so naturally we shouldn't hate them much. However, Notre Dame sucks big time in other areas. Their egos are like that of BC fans except on steroids because their football team is actually decent. They have that whole Catholic school, elitist  personality which I am just going to assume that I will hate them soon for. Last- N/A

4th- Lowell- Lowell shoots up the list from 6 to 4 this year. There were numerous events this year that lead to this bump .It began with Doug Carr flopping like a fish out of water when he was "speared" by Garrett Noonan. They also had a rally to celebrate getting to the Frozen Four at the conclusion of the season. That was just pathetic. Lowell apparently likes to celebrate coming in 3rd/4th. They will probably have a banner raising ceremony next year too. Overall, just don't like them. Their pack it in style drives me nuts and really there is no reason to like anything from Lowell. Just a city full of crack cocaine and  cheap hookers.

3rd- NU- It is really hard to hate a team that is so consistently bad and underperforming such as Northeastern. They are like the little brother in Boston hockey schools that can come close to knocking off a big brother but can never quite the job done. Their fans get up for BU games because we are their "rival". The fans typically throw trash on the ice and at BU fans at the rink while hating BU more than any other school. I do find all of their recruits decomitting quite humorous and entertaining though.They only move down on this list because they suck and that good friend Vinny Saponari has graduated and moved on in his career. Last-2

2nd- UNH- The University of No Hardware was middle of the pack for me until we met our good friend Stevie Moses a few years ago. Things escalated further this year when we visited the Whitt twice and didn't get along with the UNH fans to say the least. Also, their university police frown upon drinking in Dunkin Donuts before the games in Durham. Such bullshit. Definitely a team that I personally love to hate. Their coach, Dick Umile, complains and whines in his postgame pressers more than any other coach in the conference and maybe the country. Guy just needs to shutup and learn how to coach after the month of February. Good thing he is the highest paid employee in the state for all those championships he has won! Last -3

1st- BC- This was the no brainer of the rankings BC is my favorite and easiest school to hate. The whole school thinks that they will one day become president or CEO when in reality, they are more likely to be working at Eagles Deli with their English degrees. The hockey team is full of divers like Steve Whitney and John Gaudreau who will flop at the slightest contact to draw a call and take the physical aspect out of the game. Whitney is now gone but they have clowns like Bill Arnold to replace his dives.York is a good coach but he wears sweater vests which nobody can respect. The fans only show up for big games that are televised and rarely make it to the Beanpot on time if at all. You won't see them at away games and they will bail on home games as soon as the outcome does not seem to be in their favor. There really is nothing to like about this school, program, players and that is why they get number one on the hatredmeter. I could go on and on but I feel like I would just be stating the obvious. BC sucks. BU is awesome. That is all. Last Year's Ranking: 1

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